It’s a Two Way Street

By: Santiago Reyes Cruz, Jr. – Sept. 2020

For the past few months the Country has continued to witness a nation that is in uproar. Instead of calming tensions and differences between neighborhoods, recent events seem to simply add on to our sadness and grief.

These are sincerely difficult times for every American citizen who is currently living here in 2020.

It seems that rebels combined with terrorist-like mobs are the ones winning the race; that this violence is One Way Traffic and only afflicting innocent citizens and business.

A prime example occurred this past Monday Night in Kenosha WI, a city on the Lake Michigan coastline between Chicago and Milwaukee. A police shooting caught on video sparked protests in Kenosha Wisconsin where demonstrators torched cars and set buildings ablaze demanding justice for the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Jacob Blake, a 29 year old man attempted to get into a small SUV with his three sons inside while officers aimed guns at him. Blake survived but the family’s attorney said he is paralyzed from the waist down. The main cause for the shooting was the fact that Jacob reached into his SUV while police were trying to communicate and stop him from reaching into his vehicle.

Since he was unresponsive and aggressive while getting into his vehicle, police officers opened fire before Jacob could reveal the item he was reaching for. Police officers weren’t going to gamble and allow the suspect to arm himself and possibly aim a gun at them, hence they made their move to shoot him.
After the shooting, the City of Kenosha WI left people with more questions than answers so in return Monday night, 8/24/2020, Kenosha WI citizens, along with other locals, nearly destroyed the city.

In response to this one-way traffic assault on property and innocent citizens, Kenosha Police cried out for help to local authorities to help control riots and businesses from being looted and burned to the ground.

This call for help created a second flow of traffic making it a two way street fight. Among the people who showed up to help Kenosha Police was a 17 year old male by the name of Kyle Rittenhouse.

While helping police, Kyle Rittenhouse is accused of killing two and injuring one with an AR-15 style rifle.
For many Americans, the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse seem to be the appropriate response when facing terrorist-like mobs.

The 17 year old is now facing court charges and only time will tell if his actions of killing two and injuring one while protecting businesses and citizens was patriotic or not.

Did Kyle Rittenhouse act correctly? What will the Courts and Jury say? While we await these answers I’ll say this, The New England Region – specifically the Merrimack Valley has demonstrated outstanding leadership and character by not participating in similar acts of violence and protests where properties are set ablaze and people shot dead.
Good Job Merrimack Valley!

Keep up the peaceful protests. ◊