It’s Kitten Season!!

kittens-pictures16By: Crystal Galloway Arnott – May 2013

Shelter Manager, Lowell Humane Society

Sure signs of spring have arrived, sunshine and blooming flowers, but for those of us in the animal sheltering field we have a different name for it: KITTEN SEASON. The usual reaction to kittens is a chorus of “awwws” and the fierce desire to snuggle up in a pile of these fluffy little cuties, but for shelter employees, we get that deer in the headlights look and maybe even groan a bit. Kitten season means lots of babies found without their mothers and in need of around-the-clock care and bottle feeding every few hours (even at 2am, just like a human infant!). If we’re lucky enough for a momma cat to be brought in along with them, then we hope we have an available foster home to care for them until they are ready to be separated from their mother and find their new homes.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll catch me snuggling my “bottle babies” while I feed them. Once in a while I even cry when it’s time to give them up to another foster home when they begin eating on their own, but our energy could be used elsewhere. Many of the kittens we receive are born to feral or outdoor community cats that don’t have an official owner. You can make a difference in these cats’ lives by contacting The Lowell Humane Society for assistance with spaying/neutering and vaccinating these outdoor cats.

Spaying/neutering your pet can help by decreasing aggression toward other animals, preventing behavior problems, reducing the animals chance of getting certain types of cancer, increasing life expectancy, reducing the incidence of injury and disease, reducing the urge to roam, and decreasing the incidence of fight but most important is reducing the amount of animals that end up in shelters each year. The summer months tend to be the time where local shelters are bursting at the seams,and by spaying and neutering NOW you can prevent many kittens from being born outdoors!

We need your help in ENDING pet overpopulation, and it’s easier now than ever! Check out these resources to get your pet fixed soon!

Dracut Residents –until May 30th

Spay/neuter for Pet Cats: Male $40 Female $60. Call for an appointment for The Catmobile at 978-465-1940

Spay/neuter for Outdoor Cats: Contact Crystal at the Lowell Humane Society for assistance trapping them 978-452-7781 or

Lowell Residents – until May 30th

All spay/neuter services for Lowell Cats are FREE on The Catmobile! Call for an appointment 978-465-1940

Lawrence Residents –until funds run out

Spay/neuter for Lawrence Cats is just $10 through the MSPCA. They can also assist with outdoor cats! Spay/neuter for Lawrence Dogs is just $75 per dog. Call for an appointment at 978-607-7453, press 8, followed by ext. 6101. All other areas: If you need assistance with spaying/neutering your animal and you live in another location, contact the MSPCA about their SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program) at (617) 541-5007.