Jennifer Kannan Announces Opening of Campaign Office

kannan2Jennifer Kannan, announced candidate for Mayor of Methuen, has opened her campaign office at 36 Hampshire St. Methuen.

“With the help of my large and dedicated band of volunteers I am confident that this will be a successful campaign, and I look forward to setting up shop in the heart of downtown.” said Kannan.

“When I am not out knocking on doors to meet the residents, I will be found in the campaign office, where I hope people will feel free to drop by to meet me, ask questions, pick up bumper stickers and campaign materials, pitch in and help with all the work that goes into a serious campaign or just cool off from the summer heat.”

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Jennifer Kannan is a lifelong Methuen resident with a long resume of elected office and community service. She has served for 10 years on the City Council, three years as Chairwoman. She is the mother of three, all of whom live in Methuen, and the wife of 34 years of Bill Kannan, a well-known plumbing contractor in Methuen.

“This is a critical time for Methuen,” said Kannan. Now is not the time for on-the-job training. Thanks to actions taken by the City Council, a Fiscal Stability Officer was appointed by the state, and the appointment of a new Chief Administrative and Financial Officer (CAFO.) We are now poised for a turnaround in how the city manages its operations. As Mayor, I plan to work closely with the CAFO to institute new policies and practices to ensure that we get on the right track and stay there. “My experience qualifies me to take on the chief executive’s role on day one.”

Jennifer is proud of the fact that her support comes from many Methuen people, both old-timers and newcomers – not from political factions and special interests. Her focus as a Councilor has always been doing what is best for the city and helping people to get the city services, they need for themselves and their neighborhoods. Many residents have their own stories of how she helped them to navigate City Hall and get the good outcome that they deserve from their government.

“Voting is how we as citizens institute changes and reforms. If we don’t participate in elections, we get the government we deserve,” said Kannan. “The preliminary election is September 17. This is the first opportunity to decide the field of candidates for the final election on November 5. I hope that all of our residents will exercise this important privilege and get out to vote in the preliminary.”