Joe’s Playland the Latest Victim of Govt. Incompetence ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (AUG, 2020)

Five months after the Corona virus hit the United States we know a lot more about it than we did back in March.

We were initially told many things by our government leaders and experts that turned out not to be true.

Because of this, there are still people running our government who did not get the updated memos from the Center for Disease Control and are enacting senseless, meaningless regulations on businesses struggling to survive.

In Salisbury we find the latest victim of government incompetence at Joe’s Playland.

While casinos are open for business, Joe’s Playland has been shut down.

It’s time for this foolishness to end.

We now know that less than 1% of the population dies from getting the corona virus. We also now know that the virus is not as easily transmitted from standard objects to humans as we were initially told.

Now that we know this, the petty tyrants of government should take a step back and scrap their 10,000 pages of new regulations for every business re-opening.

We have no tolerance at all for the government incompetence that has laid to waste so many jobs and businesses due to the arbitrary decisions of mid-level bureaucrats.

Everywhere you look, there are hundreds of examples of hypocrisy in the way some businesses are treated over others.

Just imagine, you can go to Home Depot, you can go protest for “social justice”, you can gamble at the casino in Everett, but if you just want to throw down a few dollars on Space Invaders or shoot some ski ball in an arcade, the government is here to protect you from yourself.

We firmly believe that those in charge of approving the re-opening of small businesses are drunk with power and are answering to nobody. It’s a recipe for disaster and we see it playing out before our very eyes as we drive through our once thriving communities.

We suggest that Governor Charlie Baker stops what he is doing and immediately take control of those making and enforcing these regulations at the state level.

It’s time to go back to work.

It’s time to go back to school.

Pretending we are still where we were back in March is a political fantasy that is destroying people’s lives.

Everyone except those who draw a paycheck from the government that is.