KANE’S CORNER – Bullied Breed Rescue


KANE66Kane put on his thinking cap so he could pay special attention to what president Kelly Burns and Tommy the Pitt Bull Terrier had to say about their nonprofit organization Bullied Breed Rescue. Kane also a rescue felt he would learn how Bullied Breed gives dogs like Tommy a chance to find a loving home. Kane made note of how shiny Tommy’s chocolate coat was, and he was sporting one of those stylish pittie head parts. Quite a handsome guy and definitely got dressed up for his interview.

Kane learned that Bullied Breed rescue is a non- profit organization created to rescue dogs that are often overlooked and discriminated against solely on their breed. This rescue prioritizes dogs that are homeless, abused, neglected and often misjudged. Although there are many breeds assisted by Bullied Breed Rescue the most common breeds are American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Doberman, and German Shepherd dogs. Kane thought wow German Shepherds like me, I wonder if I could be misunderstood. So, what is the goal? It is to give these dogs a second chance.

Kelly explained that they place the dogs in their caring loving foster or forever homes. That way they have the benefit of learning the routine of family life with love and adequate attention. Kane was sad to learn that there are dogs in our communities that are not fed regularly, ignored, and ultimately physically and emotionally abused. Kane wishes they had voices so they could tell a caring human that they are not safe and need help.

Kelly is one of 7 volunteers that founded Bullied Breed Rescue. Kane wondered how she had time on top of her full-time job and family responsibilities to do such important work as running a rescue for homeless dogs. She explained that people make time for what is important. Kane had never met a president before. He wondered if he was supposed to bow but Kelly is super chill and didn’t seem to desire that type of attention. She was busy making sure that Tommy was having a good time visiting. He was busy playing with a toy, playing fetch, and giving out scads of free kisses to everyone.

DOGHe wondered if everyone’s lips would get chapped or if Tommy would get thirsty from all that licking. Kane asked Kelly how the pups come into her rescue. She explained that many come from animal control in the local communities, stray dogs, shelters, and surrendered dogs that were no longer a good match for their owners. Kane learned that many of the dogs in their care learn manners and how to trust humans in their foster homes so they can be successful in living with their forever family. I didn’t tell Kelly that I took a bite out of mom’s work papers this morning, I guess all dogs sometimes have to work on manners.

Kane learned that Tommy would be trying out a foster home next week. Kane thought his foster parents would be lucky since Tommy is such a friendly, fun loving pup. I took a picture of him so you can see how handsome he is. I asked Kelly how people could donate or help other dogs like Tommy find a home.

She said they could contact the rescue at info@bulliedbreedsrescue.org. Besides the pups needing families they often need donations for medical care, materials such as leashes, collars and toys. To make a donation PayPal is an option or by sending a check to P.O Box 225 Nutting Lake MA 01865. The rescue actually runs solely on donations. Kelly and the other volunteers truly put their heart and soul into this important work.

At the end of our visit, I wished Tommy well and bowed slightly so Kelly would know I respected her being a president then I had a dream that pups like Tommy would not be misunderstood because every dog could use a second chance to live their dream. Thanks for all you do Bullied Bread Rescue, you truly make a difference.
Best, Kane Woof ◊