KANE’S KORNER ~ New Year’s the History and Resolutions

By: Kane 01-23

Kane would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, even though the horn party favor was absolutely terrifying. The other thing Kane found daunting was pressure to figure out a New Year’s Resolution. Exactly who thought up this tradition? How did it all start?

A December 21st, 2020, Article on the History Channel website by Sarah Pruitt titled” The Tradition of Celebrating New Year’s dates back to the Babylonians, 4,000 years ago. Kane wondered if they had annoying horn party favors. The Babylonians celebrated Akitu in March for 11 days that included crowning a new king or confirming the reign of the current king. Making resolutions included making promises to the Gods in exchange for being seen favorably by them in hopes for luck and plentiful crops. Now making resolutions to the Gods was associated with falling out of good favor.

Kane wondered so exactly how did the New Year Celebration end up in January? According to Sarah Pruitt’s article, in 46 BC Emperor Julius Caesar reformed the calendar and made January 1st the first day of the year. This was to honor the God Janus who’s two faces allowed him to look into the past and the future.


Dec21.2020, History of New Year’s Resolution) Kane was intrigued by having two faces maybe it would allow him to better look out for horn party favors but really the draw to it would be both faces could eat, maybe at the same time.

Kane learned, in contrast to the Resolutions of the past modern day resolutions typically focus on self-improvement. So exactly how many people actually succeed in keeping their resolution? Kane found the research to be varied. For example, a Brain Institute Poll found 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions and 8% succeed in achieving these goals. In contrast to this sad information, Kane learned that a Marist poll from 2017 of 1074 adults found that 66% of adults kept their New Year’s Resolution.(Old Farmer’s Almanac, http://www.Almanac.com) So although it would be great to find more consistent information, Kane decided that what really matters is what you personally choose for your unique self.

Kane learned that the top 10 resolutions have not changed much in the last century. According to a Gallup Poll comparing and contrasting New Year’s Resolutions from 1947 to now, well 2017 these are the top 10 resolutions. ( Catherine Boeckmann, Dec 20,2022, almanac.com, “ The Interesting History Behind New Year’s Resolutions)


1. Control Temper
2. Live a better Life
3. Smoke less
4. Save more Money
5. Drink less
6. Go to Church more often
7. Work more efficiently
8. Take better care of my health
9. Be more involved at home
10. Lose or gain weight.

1. Lose weight
2. Get Organized
3. Save money
4. Enjoy life more
5. Stay fit and Healthy
6. Learn something new
7. Quit smoking
8. Help others
9. Fall in Love
10. Spend more time with Family.

So as Kane moves forward to commit to his own resolution, he decided to look up the actual definition. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac a resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. Basically, fix a problem.

So when Kane thinks about his behaviors and achievements and what he would like to change a lot does come up. For example his humans would love him to stop pretend chewing things to get their attention. This would be a hard habit to give up since he loves it when they say. “Kane what is in your mouth, and chase him around the room”. So that’s off the table.

According to Catherine Boeckman’s Article in the Farmer’s Almanac, ow did the Tradition of New Year’s Resolution Start, (December 20th, 2022) a resolution should be framed positively, be kept simple, and be defined measurably. Ok Kane took inventory he recognized he conquered his fear of being alone so next he will work to be in the presence of Halloween decorations and maybe even New Year’s party favors.

Also he will work towards not eating unspeakable things in his back yard. (No promises on that one) but most importantly he will smell the smells, walk on some new trails, watch over his sister Ruby, meet new friends, and love his family
Happy New Year everyone. May 2023 bring you happiness and Joy.

Kane Peaslee, Woof

Columnist, Mascot , Valley Patriot ◊