Kannan Demands Perry Release Personnel Records from Raytheon, Perry Says There’s Nothing to Release

October 29, 2019-3:30pm

Campaign supporters of Methuen mayoral candidate Jen Kannan – chairman of the Methuen City Council – is calling on her opponent Neil Perry to release his personnel records from Raytheon where Perry has been a top executive for the last few decades. 

This afternoons press release from the Kannan campaign reiterates her allegation against Perry that he sexually abused his ex-wife and had a restraining order taken out against him by the ex-wife.

Perry has produced documents showing that while his ex-wife did take out a restraining order out against him during a divorce proceeding, the judge in the case sided with Perry and threw out the restraining order on appeal.

“On top of that,” Perry told the Valley Patriot two weeks ago, “after the judge threw out the restraining order, I subsequently got custody of my children. At no time did I ever lay a had on my wife or anyone else, and the court records prove that. This is a desperate attempt by my opponent to smear me and I believe the voters will see right through it.” 

Kannan, through her supporters, is now calling on Perry to release his work records alleging that Perry had similar sexual complaints against him at work. 

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“As a group, we are shocked by statements made by some of Mr. Perry’s surrogates struggling to defend what seem to be indefensible actions by Mr. Perry regarding allegations made nearly 20 years ago by his then second wife.”


“As is all too common in situations similar to this, Mr. Perry’s supporters are conducting an aggressive underground smear campaign, not only against the alleged victim, his second ex-wife, but also against his mayoral opponent Jennifer Kannan, whom they are wrongly blaming for letting voters know about Mr. Perry’s background as an accused domestic abuser.”

The press release admits the claims against Perry being involved in sexual allegations at Raytheon are based only rumors. 

“Even more troubling, we are now hearing additional rumors from people apparently familiar with his employment history at Raytheon concerning his attitude towards, and treatment of women. “

“Given this new information, we ask Neil Perry to immediately open his personnel records at Raytheon to reassure the people of Methuen.  If these new rumors are unfounded and he has not been the subject of reprimands, lawsuits or other disciplinary action, he should have no problem with letting the people of Methuen know more about the real Neil Perry.”


Shortly after the new allegations by the Kannan campaign, Perry issued his own press release saying Kannan is “desperate”. Perry did not address the issue of releasing his personnel records from Raytheon,but added that he would not be able to maintain his top secret security clearance at Raytheon if any of the rumors Kannan alleges, were true. 

“I continue to be appalled by the misleading and uninformed statements made by my opponent and her supporters. Today’s press release by Councilor Jennifer Kannan’s campaign is nothing more than a desperate attempt to rescue her campaign as next Tuesday’s election draws near.”

“I have been honest and upfront about my life, including my divorce and the fight for custody of my children, which was and remains a personal matter. I will continue to be honest with the people of this city and run a clean and factual campaign that best serves the residents of Methuen.”

“I have not ever been accused, nor disciplined for any misconduct in my professional life, and I maintain a Secret level security clearance, which would not be the case if any of the unfounded rumors were true.”

 Press Release