Keeping Up With The Age of Insanity ~ BENEATH THE SURFACE WITH PAUL MURANO

By: Paul Murano – Nov. 2015

There was the Classical Age, the Dark Ages, the Medieval Age, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment era, the Modern Age, and now…the Age of Insanity. At least that’s how history will see us. There is much that points to this insanity. Today it is not surprising that one finds himself identifying with Eddie Albert on Green Acres, or Bob Newhart and wife on his second sitcom in Vermont – as seemingly the only sane one in the midst of a bizzaro world. I half-expect to run into Larry introducing me to his brother Daryl and his other brother Daryl. Keeping up with the Age of Insanity can be just as perplexing as the Kardashians or any reality show or sitcom.

The two latest bizarre events in the news of late have been Bruce Jenner winning Glamour Magazine’s “Woman of the Year” award (which even ‘feminist’ Germaine Greer blasted), and the federal government’s crackdown on a school district’s refusal to allow a boy who says he’s a girl to play on girls sports teams, dress in the girls dressing room, and, get this, shower in the girls showers. This comes on the heels of two California school districts bowing before government pressure to do the same, and a Missouri high school girl protesting a boy using their girls’ locker room and restroom.

Even Fox News, whose sanity can be trusted most of the time, uses the pronouns “she” and “her” when describing the boys in these news stories. And you know the pattern – once the ideology permeates the media, those who do not conform to the language and attitude are branded as “out of touch” or “living in the stone ages.” In any other era such thinking would be dismissed as adolescent immaturity, but not in the Age of Insanity. If you are not on the progressive train (which leads to the proverbial asylum), you are ridiculed and your reputation destroyed. When the sane are branded crazy, re-education and sensitivity indoctrination become part of the equation. Communist countries of the past and present may be used to this, but not America.

Last month, a woman was in the news for intentionally making herself blind. It was her lifelong dream to be blind because the 30 year old “Jewel knew she wanted to be sightless from the age of 6.” Now blinded, she claims she has never been happier. This phenomenon is recognized as Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID). Many people with BIID also request to have their healthy leg or arm amputated because they self-identify with the amputee community.

Reason demands we ask this simple question: Why is BIID not applied consistently? Why is it a psychological problem only when the dysphoria does not relate to sex? If we were to be intellectually honest with no ideological or political agenda driving us, would we not see “transgenderism” and homosexual orientation the same way? Why does displaced compassion rationalize disordered desires only when it applies to sex? Is there not a disorientation when desire contradicts human nature and its integrity? Then why are some dysphorias seen as psychological or emotional disorders while others are not? If one’s choice is the arbiter of reality, as some would claim, then the self-amputees and blinded women should not be labeled with disorders. After all, they claim to be “happier” that way. On the other hand, if human nature is the arbiter, then why pretend disordered feelings about the sexual self is any different than disordered feeling about other parts of the self and their functions, such as legs, arms, and eyes?

In the Age of Insanity there is no logical consistency because there is very little use of reason, i.e. that which distinguishes us from other animals. Accepting some dysphorias as BIID and not others does a grave disservice to the individuals inflicted. And by hijacking and manipulating the language to create words such as “gender” to proclaim one sex publicly and the other privately, transgenderism is rationalized as one’s identity that cannot be discriminated against. The cultural left that dominates the media, academia, and the current administration, now says that boys who call themselves girls may shower with real girls – and demands that we all accept it. What will be next in the Age of Insanity? Stay tuned.