Language Manipulation ~ BENEATH THE SURFACE with PAUL MURANO

By: Paul Murano – April, 2021

Whoever controls the language controls the culture. The right use of language conveys objective truth. Yet, ideology depends on manipulating terms to convert the uncritical masses to a particular worldview.
America now has two generations formed by professional language manipulators, seeking to create a society addicted to itself in order to maintain power.

Below is an illustration of how language obscures truth. The terms on the left of the “vs.” are current popular verbiage, and the terms on the right are more honest and objective.
‘She’s pregnant’ vs. ‘She’s with child’

The term “pregnant” speaks exclusively of the condition of the mother. While this is important, it does not express the full truth. The traditional term “with child” includes both parties and expresses the beauty and awe of pregnancy rather than making it sound like a disease.

‘She’s going to have a baby’ vs. ‘She’s going to deliver or give birth to a baby’

Similarly, since “going to have” denotes future tense, and medical science is clear on when an individual human being begins his or her life, “going to deliver” a baby or “give birth to” a child is more accurate.

‘It’ vs. ‘He or she’

This is a common one. “It” dehumanizes.

‘She’s not ready to be a mother’ vs. ‘She is a mother that does not feel ready’

The reality is that if she’s with child she is a mother.

‘Fetus’ vs. ‘Preborn child’ or ‘Person in their fetal stage of life’

Although embryo and fetus are proper scientific terms for early stages of a human being’s life cycle, they are often used as an attempt to dehumanize.

‘Terminate the pregnancy’ vs. ‘Kill the child’

If you terminate a pregnancy by killing the child, it’s disingenuous not to mention that.

‘Abortion’ vs. ‘Prenatal homicide’ or ‘murder’

Intentionally killing an innocent human being is the definition of murder. Objectively, abortion is murder; however, in cases of genuine ignorance on the part of the one responsible, the neutral term “prenatal homicide” is appropriate.

‘Euthanasia’ vs. ‘Consensual murder’

Euthanasia is homicide; and since it intentionally kills an innocent person, it’s also objectively murder. It doesn’t kill the pain, it kills the patient.

‘Gay’ or ‘Homosexual’ vs. ‘Person with disordered attractions to the same sex’

Everyone has disordered desires. Using the words gay or homosexual to label someone with disordered desires for the same sex is both historically new and counter-productive. It identifies people with their feelings and is born of political motivation: If homosexual orientation can be seen as “who” one is rather than “what” one feels, minority status may be claimed for special privileges.

‘Premarital sex’ vs. ‘Fornication’

Premarital sex is a morally neutral sociological term. The traditional term for sex outside marriage is fornication, which comes from Latin. It is listed in the New Testament among the grave sins that keep one from entering the Kingdom of heaven, and was universally condemned by Western culture until the sexual revolution of the 1960’s.

‘Use protection’ vs. ‘Use an unnatural impediment’

This illogically speaks of protecting oneself from the natural end of an act. It depicts pregnancy as a disease rather than an indication of good health.

‘The world is overpopulated’ vs. ‘The world is underpopulated’

This lie began in earnest with “The Population Bomb” by Paul Ehrlich in 1968. The Western world is actually going through a depopulation crisis. Further, if every family in the world were to have a home on a quarter acre of land, the entire world could fit into the state of Texas. There is not a population problem, but a distribution of goods problem.

‘Adult’ vs. ‘Pornographic’

“Adult” is an attempt at making pornography sound mature. Yet, regarding sexuality, there is nothing more immature or un-adult than pornography.

‘In love’ vs. ‘Infatuated’

The emotional high that often defines being “in love” is a misnomer. The essence of love is not a feeling, but a commitment. If emotion and desire become ends in themselves, the relationhip quickly dissolves into selfishness. Real love says, “I love you in spite of…” rather than, “I love you because of…”
‘Abstinence’ vs. ‘Chastity’

Abstinence doesn’t work without the discipline of chastity. Like fasting or dieting, if one does not include the psychological, emotional, spiritual and moral dimensions of the human person, it’s futile. Chastity disciplines the eyes, mind, and heart so that one is able to discipline the body according to what is true and good.

‘Transgender’ vs. ‘Gender-confused’

The latest from the Left, this condones hormonal and/or surgical mutilation for gender dysphoria.
‘Alternative lifestyle’ vs. ‘Perversion of human nature’

If you throw out the natural order of life according to human nature, nothing is seen as perverted. That is a big problem today.

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