Language Manipulation, Part 2 ~ BENEATH THE SURFACE with PAUL MURANO

By: Paul  Murano – June,  2021

The Left was able to establish a culture of death in an otherwise Christian society through the alteration of language. At the heart of its strategy was the creation or changing of words to convey falsehood as truth, and the use of powerful mass media to spread its new narrative.

Perhaps its biggest coup in the past 50 years, since “product of conception” was created to legitimize child-killing, was its theft of the word “gay.”

Not only was this word stolen from common parlance as meaning ‘happy,’ but the verbal heist enabled the Left to accomplish two huge victories for the devil: (a) Conflate orientation with action, so no one knows if ‘gay’ means someone saddled with same-sex attraction or someone who has chosen to embrace and act on it; and (b) conflate feelings with identity, making one’s disordered feelings or attractions WHO they are rather than what they feel (i.e. their very identity).

Since the regressive Left was able to do this to an intellectually asleep society, Obergefell vs. Hodges became inevitable. After all, how can you discriminate against WHO someone is?

Seeing this kind of language manipulation unfold over the past 50 years enables us to understand why people like Hitler and Stalin were able to gain power and do what they did to otherwise Christian societies. It’s a very sad and rather scary commentary on the state of fallen humanity and its willingness follow the will of the powerful.

The remedy? Stop using their language configurations. Match your words to objective reality, not to the narrative of those who hate truth and love power. Winning back the culture necessitates first winning back the language. Don’t repeat objectively foolish mantras foisted on the culture, like “LGBT community” or “transgenderism,” which have no correspondence to reality.

The letters LBGTQIA+ that seem to keep growing represent mental constructs that depersonalize people by identifying them with their disordered desires. The word “community” tacked on at the end is nothing but a strategy to legitimize sin. People with same-sex attraction or who are sexually confused are not a ‘community.’ They are individuals who need loving care, not encouragement to give in to impulse or disorientation.

It’s also important to note “gender” has real meaning only as a descriptor of nouns in many of the world’s languages. English, which has no gendered nouns, is a rarity. Deep in the human psyche is the notion that masculine and feminine principles permeate the universe and apply to humanity as male and female.

The human race, like 99% of the animal kingdom, is made up of two sexes for obvious reasons. The regressive Left, however, has carefully transferred the word “sex” to mean something you ‘have’ or ‘do’ rather than something you are, and has substituted “gender” in its place to dissociate sex from biology. This is both anti-scientific and irrational; yet, as if people are sheep following the voice of the world rather than the good shepherd, it has worked in the minds of many.

Truth is the mind corresponding to reality and logic is reality’s structure. Logic and clarity are the enemies of the Left because they lead to truth. That’s why so-called progressives steer clear of debate and, instead, make the subtle changes needed to influence the masses subconsciously.

To delve further beneath the surface, the words logic and science (bioLOGY, psychoLOGY, etc.) stem from the Greek word Logos, which is used in the Gospel of John to describe the second Person of the Trinity as God’s eternal ‘Word’: “In the beginning was the Logos …”

Without Logos we are unable to know Reality, who in Scripture calls Himself “I Am” (Ex 3:14). When a people reject the Logos, they reject both God and reason, and lose the mind’s access to reality.

This is exactly what the post-Christian Left seeks: to replace God with self. As a consequence, it must create its own language constructs to form a false alternative to reality. This has been the modus operandi of the Leftist elite for the past half century in our country.

And so the question remains: Will we continue to be willing participants in the overthrow of truth and goodness, and contribute to the narrative motivated by pleasure and power by the terminology we use?

To people of good will, nothing is more attractive than Truth. To those with hardened hearts, nothing is more repulsive.

Paul is producer and host of Beneath the Surface video and radio podcasts, taught college philosophy & theology, and is a staff writer/producer for St. Michael’s Media. Check out his website at, and e-mail Paul at