Lantigua Violates MGL Again, Appoints Campaign Contributor to Licensing Board

Jose Alfonso Garcia
Jose Alfonso Garcia

BREAKING…. September 26, 2012

Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua has, in voilation of Mass General Law 138 Section 4 has appointed personal friend and campaign coordinator Jose Alfonso Garcia to the Licensing Board to replace the deceased Rick Fielding.

Lantigua made the appointment of Garcia, who is a school department employee, despite the fact that he was rejected by the city council earlier this year.

Lantigua had Lawrence City Clerk William Maloney swear in Garcia this afternoon to a temporary appointment despite the law which says that a rejected appointment cannot be reconsidered and that MGL trumps local ordinances on this matter.

Lawrence City Councilor Eileen Bernal has asked City Attorney Charlie Boddy for a legal opinion on the matter. Boddy, however, has had a history of issuing legal rulings and either taking action or refusing to take action based on the orders of Mayor Lantigua regardless of Massachusetts General Law.

Garcia, a disc jockey on Spanish language radio who has often stoked the flames of racism and racial tensions in the city is former candidate for State Representative and will join Mayor Latigua’s Ex-wife Mayra Lantigua on the Licensing board. 

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