Last month, Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini announced the improvement project of the Tattersall Farm.


Haverhill Mayor Jim Fiorentini
Haverhill Mayor Jim Fiorentini

The Farm located at 542 North Broadway in Haverhill was owned and operated by the Tattersall Family when they purchased the property in 1898. In 1999, Alice Tattersall willed the family’s 150 acre farm to the City of Haverhill, imposing specific conservation and open space preservation restrictions to maintain the Tattersall Farm and ensure that it would be preserved and maintained in as close to its present state and condition for years to come.

This project will build a playground on the Tattersall Farm in a part of the City that has not had one in the past. There will be a playscape with a water component, an outdoor learning area, improved and expanded trails with educational signage added to the property. Additionally, the infrastructure will be improved with additional water supplies and expanded parking. This shared endeavor will enhance the facility with improved public access and usage through a community garden program. The goal of the restoration is to increase the available space on the Farm and to adequately provide for the public’s agricultural utilization. The project will also allow for hosting major events, activities and educational programming.

The City of Haverhill and the Tattersall Farm Charitable Trust are committed to developing a range of partnerships to develop Tattersall as a place which connects the residents of Haverhill to nature, helping children and adults discover the beauty and promise of the living world.

The City is required per the grant to allocate the total cost of the project of $572,000, but it will be reimbursed $388, 960 (68%) through the Parkland Acquisition and Renovations for Communities Grant (PARC Grant) through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, The Tattersall Charitable Trust reimburse the City $50,000 and the City will pay $50,000 with the remainder being paid for by Public Works, Water and Wastewater Divisions.

“I want to thank the Patrick-Murray Administration and Secretary Richard Sullivan at the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs for offering a grant to cities to share in the cost to support the preservation and restoration of urban parks through the Parkland Acquisition and Renovations for Communities,” Mayor Fiorentiniti said.

“Without the continued support of State Representative Brian Dempsey and State Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives, this project would only be a dream, they have made it a reality.

“The residents of our City will be the beneficiaries of the new project and our children will enjoy a new playground to create memories,” Fiorentini concluded.

Secretary Richard Sullivan said: “Investing in land conservation and the improvement of public parks is a key priority of the Patrick-Murray Administration, especially in our Gateway Cities, like Haverhill”, said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rick Sullivan. “This project will not only contribute to the economic well-being of Haverhill, but it will help residents discover what nature has to offer right in their own backyards. It is a perfect example of the strategic investments that the Governor believes we need to make as a Commonwealth in order to help Haverhill grow and be a great place to live, work and play.”