Lawrence C.A.R.E.S “Citizens Actively Restoring Essential Surroundings” – Helping People + Changing Lives


By: Santiago Reyes-Cruz, Jr. – June, 2020

Lawrence MA is a city of immigrants, always was – always will be. A stepping stone for all new coming legal immigrants who wish to pursue their American Dream.

However nowadays, the residents of Lawrence MA are viscously exposed to the negative influence found on social MEDIA, modern music, etc, hence sometimes its residents are led astray to become criminals, teen parents, high school dropouts and much more.

It is a toxic wave that has actually affected the entire world-however we should focus on improving our local communities like-Lawrence MA before we ever expect to help around the world.

To combat the foolishness that is being injected into the inexperienced minds of Lawrence MA residents – we sort to -Lawrence C.A.R.E.S- Acronym for “Citizens Actively Restoring Essential Surroundings” Helping People + Changing Lives.

An educational, non-denominational Christian Charity entity aimed to educate its residents on the importance of keeping the city trash free, healthy eating, free credit repair strategies, hiking, camping & much more!

It is an educational & personal work ethic build up strategy; aimed to equip Lawrencians with the tools needed to become Healthier, Cleaner & Safer Citizens for all. The negative influences/ideas that cause youth to become poor in thought, can’t be fought against. We just need the proper tools & platforms
Will Lawrence C.A.R.E.S lead Lawrence MA Residents to a New Era?

Are the people of Lawrence MA willing & ready for a NEW ERA?

A Healthier, Cleaner & Safer Lawrence MA where ALL may once again gather to pursue their American Dream again- does sound like Heaven to me.

God Bless America, the World

God Bless Lawrence MA in Jesus’s Name ◊