Lawrence Police Chief Roy Vasque Put on Leave for Intimidating Officers Who Are Cooperating with Investigation


Lawrence Police Chief Roy Vasque was put on leave today by Mayor Brian DePena and placed Capt. McCarthy in charge of the department while an administrative investigation continues into the way the department is run.

Sources tell the Valley Patriot that the Chief was not initially put on leave, but that he had intimidated officers cooperating with the investigation, prompting the Mayor to put him on leave until the investigation is concluded.

On November 11th, the Lawrence  Superior Officer’s Union took a vote of “no confidence” in the chief, claiming intimidation.

In their letter to the public, the union stated that “Chief Vasque fosters an atmosphere of hostility, retaliation and intimidating behavior. Chief Vasque has established a pattern and practice of inequitable treatment of department personnel. His lack of leadership, mismanagement, and poor policy decisions have damaged the relationship between the administration of The Lawrence Police Department and the men and women of The Lawrence Police Department.”

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