Lawrence Police Officer William Green Wants to Resign, Tried to Meet with Mayor with Press and is Denied

Green2Sources in the Lawrence Mayor’s office say that controversial Lawrence Police Officer William Green was not denied his resignation from the department by the mayor as has been claimed.
Sources tell the Valley Patriot that Green called the mayor’s office last week asking for a meeting with the mayor to resign and was told he was welcome to come in, but that the City Attorney and a Superior officer would have to be present.
Green sent in an email later that day saying he had changed his mind.
Today, Green had Dalia Diaz, the owner of a Spanish Language tabloid gossip sheet, call and ask if Green could meet with the Mayor in her presence to resign. 
“He had Dalia call the office today and ask if she could be present but he has legal rights under civil service and city protocols, our source said
epsteinfinalonline“He was told we would gladly accept his resignation if he were to hand it to the chief as is past practice. But, we can’t have him coming in with a reporter, no attorney present, and no superior offices.
Our source said that the Mayor would be willing to meet and accept Green’s resignation, but not with the press present.”
To date, Officer William Green has yet to submit a letter of resignation, contrary to what is being reported on social media. A police official who did not want to be named said that Green has made legal claims in his YouTube videos about officers falsifying reports with nothing to back it up and is worried that he may be fired so “he’s trying to get ahead of it.”