Lawrence Rep. Moran Secures $750K for Lawrence Police


State Rep. Frank Moran
State Rep. Frank Moran

State Representative Frank A. Moran (D—Lawrence, Andover, Methuen) today announced that a state grant program the representative filed in this year’s state budget has resulted in over three quarters of a million dollars in increased funding to hire more police officers in the City of Lawrence. This year was the sixth  that Representative Moran has filed this amendment to the state budget.

“In my conversations with constituents, public safety has consistently been a concern of theirs. Year after year, I continue to make this a top priority of mine for our community when the state budget is being put together. I’m thrilled to be able to provide funding for our hard working men and women of the Lawrence Police Department.

Their tireless work keeping our city safe is much appreciated by all,” said Representative Frank Moran.

Proactive measures allowed for from this funding could include directed patrols based upon crime analysis and using community policing problem solving to address community concerns. Additionally, these funds can be used to restore, retain or hire police personnel or for overtime if needed to provide adequate shift coverage to maintain appropriate staffing levels.

In past years, the grant program has been very successful in Lawrence. The funds have allowed the City to hire additional police officers and it has seen a corresponding decrease in crime.

The grant, administered by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, assists cities of at least 60,000 residents that spend less than $200 per capita on its police department.