Let’s Encourage MORE Illegal Aliens



 November, 2005

Some Massachusetts legislators are always seeking newer and better ways to mug the Massachusetts taxpayers.

The ongoing effort to allow the children of illegal aliens to attend state colleges at the same cost as legal residents, rather than at the higher out-of-state rate, is another example of flouting the law and making it more attractive for illegals to cross our borders.

As incentives like this become added onto schooling, healthcare and other benefits now available, it becomes easier and easier for illegals to gain the privileges of full-fledged citizens.

The cost to maintain these perks escalates and falls on those of us who are naturalized citizens and legal immigrants. There are present-ly 400 children of illegal aliens seeking attendance to state colleges. The loss in tuition revenue, were the present proposal to take effect, runs into the millions of dollars that will have to be made up by increasing the tuition of regular students and/or pressuring the taxpayers to provide more funds to the schools.

There is also a federal law that says if Massachusetts takes this action, it must afford all other out-of-state students the same privilege. Now you’re talking about many millions. Under the proposed bill, any illegal alien with a high school degree in another country could qualify, and there is no age limit.

Attorney General Tom Reilly, the state’s top law enforcement officer, now running for governor, supports efforts to encourage this illegal enterprise. He says, “We need to be compassionate.” Someone should tell Mr. Reilly that Massachusetts citizens are running out of compassion. What part of the phrase “illegal alien” doesn’t he understand?

Here is an individual who decides on his own which laws he will enforce and which ones he will ignore. Great example! If the laws had been enforced to begin with, we would not have this issue. Good work, Tom! There seems to be a blind spot in some of our leaders’ lexicons pertaining to the word “legal”. To them, “legal” does not mean the force of law as it does to the rest of us.

Citizens who wish to maintain a government of law and order and do not wish to add more incentives which further open the floodgates to illegal aliens should immediately call their state representatives and senators, and let them know how you feel.

Willie Lantigua (Lawrence) 617-722-2810

Arthur Broadhurst (Methuen) 617-722-2040

David Torrisi (N. Andover) 617-722-2370

Barry Finegold (Andover) 617-722-2263

Barbara L’Italien (Andover) 617-722-2080

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