Let’s Stop Judges from Granting Immunity to Attorneys Who Commit Wrongdoing in Court

By: Gracemarie Tomaselli and Joyce Tomaselli

Contact your Senators and Representatives to support Senate Bill S.1017 “An Act to strengthen rules governing attorney conduct; penalties for misconduct.” We filed this bill with the help of Senator Diana DiZoglio.


You can sign our Change.Org Petition!

“Stop Judges From Granting “Immunity” To Attorneys Who Commit Wrongdoings In Court To Win!” Just go to our Facebook Page: ‘An $80 Million Lie: Sisters Discover Sewer Project 100% Paid With Grants’. Click on our petition picture to get to the petition to sign it.


Let your Senators and Representatives know MA needs to enact this legislation to end “Absolute & Qualified Immunity Litigation Privilege”.

There is no logical reason to allow attorneys who have been deceitful in a court and then give these deceitful attorneys the “award” of immunity. It is the people of Massachusetts who deserve the protection!

Judges should NOT award immunity to any attorney who lies, conceals evidence, deceives judges in court, etc. so that these attorneys win, and YOU lose!

It happened to us; it could happen to you! It was so simple – opposing attorneys lied to judges, they won, they claimed “immunity”, they were protected!

No legitimate purpose is served by granting attorneys litigation “immunity” either absolute or qualified; it is an unjustified protection for the unworthy; litigation immunity undermines the legitimacy of the country’s legal process and constitutional protection.

Attorneys should not be above the law! They must never be given absolute or qualified immunity for their wrongdoings!

We know and have great respect for the many honest attorneys who take their oath as Officers of the Court seriously! We hope that the honest attorneys will also sign this petition.

We are hoping for justice in the court system for this generation and future generations.