LETTER TO THE EDITOR ~ LETTER: Local Officials Should Embrace The Valley Patriot, Paying Attention Podcast

To the Editor:

I recently purchased ads for the Valley Patriot and Paying attention podcast, not because we need the business but because we want to support both mediums. In my opinion the Valley Patriot and Paying Attention Podcast provide a valuable service to the citizens of the Merrimack Valley. That said I and many others don’t always agree 100% with your personal opinions.

I am a strong believer that because you do not agree with another person that does not mean you can maintain family, personal or professional relationships with people you don’t agree with. I took note of recent events that led to the fractured relationships between you and Methuen Mayor Perry as well as that of Methuen Councilor Simard. I also notice Methuen Councilor Faretra has stopped doing local food reviews for the Valley Patriot as well.

It is my hope that not only friendships can be repaired but professional relationships can be resumed as well. It is my belief that Mayor Perry, Counselors Simard and Faretra are truly good people that are trying to do good things for our beloved city. It is also my belief that Tom Duggan’s intentions are coming from a good place. They just come from a different perspective. A perspective that sometimes needs to be blunt.

As a lifelong resident and a business owner in Methuen I consider myself seriously financially invested in my city. The success of our city rests on the success of our local leaders and their relationship with the local media. Thank you for your attention and I wish you all the best of luck moving forward.

David Consoli
Pleasant Valley Landscape Contractors◊