Little Dick Howe’s Hatred ~ Paying Attention with Tom Duggan


By: Tom Duggan – October, 2014

WCAP owner Army Colonel Sam Poulten
WCAP owner Army Colonel Sam Poulten

Anyone who listens to my radio show on Saturday mornings on 980WCAP in Lowell (10-noon) knows that I spend a lot of time picking on station owner Colonel Sam Poulten. On any given Saturday you will most likely hear me mocking his unique voice or complaining about the way things are going at the station in an attempt to humanize the iconic station owner who, being a good sport, has never asked me to stop.

But, when Lowell’s wanna-be king maker, Registrar of Deeds Dick Howe, attacked Poulten on his blog last month questioning why Poulten appeared at a foreclosure auction wearing his military uniform, it wasn’t light hearted poking fun. It was a viscous attack on Poulten’s reputation.

Though it seems innocuous to anyone who doesn’t know the back story, Howe’s attack on Poulten was anything but.

Here is what he published on his blog:

“In my Week in Review article this past Sunday, I asked “What’s Up with Prince Spaghetti?” Back on June 27, 2014, the Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank held a foreclosure auction of the Prince Spaghetti property in South Lowell. The property owner, Prince Avenue Associates LLC, had granted the Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank a mortgage of $8 million on the property. The high bidder at the auction was Sam Poulten, the owner of radio station WCAP who for some reason appeared at the auction in a US Army uniform.”
He then published a photo of Poulten at the event (originally published in the Lowell Sun) to make his point.

The back story is this: for years Dick Howe, Jr. and his band of hateful activists have spread a narrative that Sam Poulten has a screw loose and runs around town in his uniform as a way of reliving his old glory days in the military. Howe’s post about Poulten wearing his uniform to a foreclosure was a direct attempt to further that narrative and smear a man who risked his life to protect our country.

But, what Dick Howe, Jr. doesn’t want people to know is that Colonel Sam Poulten plays TAPS at military funerals and is often asked to speak to large veteran groups.

On the day of the foreclosure the Colonel had two events, a military funeral and the foreclosure. Not having any time to change between events, Poulten was forced to attend the foreclosure in full dress uniform.

But things like that don’t matter to people like Howe, who apparently despises the military (as a left wing moon bat) and loves to spread hate and propaganda.

Maybe instead of attacking a war hero like Sam Poulten and spreading hate, dishonoring all of our military and their sacrifices, Howe should concentrate more on attending his no-show Registrar of Deeds.

Shame on you Dick Howe, Jr.