LIVE THE WOW! Do Everything You Can to Protect Your FREEDOM this New Year! Loss of Even a Small Bit of It Can Shatter Any Dreams You May Have. Follow the Example of People Living the WOW! and Protect Your Freedom with a Vengeance!

By: Tom Connors – January 2013

Forget all those New Year Resolutions. It’s the same thing every year. You are going to lose weight. You are going to eat healthy from now on. You are going to go back to school and learn new things. None of it ever happens.

The bottom-line is this. You have no intention of following through on any of those things. Like last year and the year before that, you will have forgotten or broken all those promises to yourself before the end of January. If you are lucky to even get that far.

I have a better idea. Make this ONE Resolution. Protect your Freedom. Your Financial and Religious Freedom. Because you are in the midst of losing it.

If you want to make a New Year’s Resolution make only this one. And do your very best to grab hold of it and don’t let go. Because, the loss of Freedom I am talking about will cost you in so many ways. Instead of coming up with those grandiose schemes which always lead to dead ends, you need to focus on protecting your basic Freedoms. Period.

Make no mistake about it. You’re losing your Freedom bit by bit. And it’s not just your Financial Freedom. You are losing your Religious Freedom as well.

Open those eyes of yours. Your Freedom is being drained from you each and every day. Oh, it’s not being done openly. They’re too cute for that. They do it subtly and quietly.

Loss of Freedom doesn’t just happen by some edict. It is more like a cancer that eats away at things you take for granted. Before you know it, you are shackled and prevented from leading your life in a way that makes the most of your opportunities.

Every time you pay more taxes, guess what? You lose a bit of your Freedom. You end up working to support government’s appetite rather than your well being. When insurance costs go up, again, it doesn’t benefit you. All it does is force you to work that much longer and harder to make ends meet. You end up spending less time with your family and less time doing the things you love. Translation, loss of more Freedom.

Just because you have no physical chains around your wrist or ankles doesn’t mean you are free. There are other ways you get held down.

Don’t allow yourself to get suckered into thinking you are getting so much more in return. I know welfare and food stamps look great at first. But, the longer you rely on them, the deeper you get yourself into a dangerous rut. A rut that eventually captures and strangles you. A rut so deep that escape becomes virtually impossible.

Every dollar you find yourself relying on someone else to provide means you are cuffed to that source for your survival and completely beholden to them and their agenda not yours. Don’t let anyone kid you. The greatest opportunities for Living the WOW! come to those who experience Financial and Religious Freedom. Plain and simple.

Financial FREEDOM is the greatest Freedom of all. And people living the WOW! work incessantly to achieve it and then, to protect it.

They know it is the basis for Lives that Matter. It is the foundation on which their lives are built.

You need to commit to making true Financial Freedom your focus for 2013. Just this one resolution will make all the difference in how you live your life and how you provide for those you love. You owe it to yourself and to each one of them.

If you are a Christian, open your eyes and take a good look around you. You have become enemy number one!

Over the years the politically “correct” have removed God from the classroom. And you were silent. Then, they mocked your beliefs and shamelessly championed those who denigrated and belittled all things representing our Lord.

This year, say enough is enough. Get a hold of yourself and stop accepting bogus arguments for dispensing with any reference to God in school or public ceremony or buildings. Grow some courage and call it out for what it is … bigotry of the worst kind.

Resolve in 2013 to stand up, make yourself heard and defend your beliefs.

Take away a person’s ability to earn an income and you destroy their self worth and hope for the future. Take away their Religious Freedom and you destroy their soul.

Let me set the record straight here. I have been directly involved with helping people get working for over thirty years. And not just any people. The people I have been involved with are people who face multiple barriers to employment, yet, are driven by a passionate desire to make their lives meaningful. They know first hand how debilitating a lack of money can have on one’s ability to live a full and purpose-filled life.

With the thousands of people we have placed over the years at American Training and despite the extreme diversity of these people, one common thread is evident. Getting that job makes all the difference in every single life. Shut down a person’s ability to earn a paycheck or make the effort to con someone into thinking being on the dole is a worthy option and you, in effect, make them prisoners of their own circumstance.

The same is true when you take a person’s Religion away. Only, the pain is even deeper. It captures your very essence; your soul. It destroys faith and hope in the future and relegates your life to one that relies on other people for meaning.

Make up your mind to reverse direction. Now is the year to do it. Commit to rethinking those things you took for granted.

When you start educating yourself and learn to stop allowing others to direct your life and make decisions for you. When you demand answers to extremely suspect actions that you know are not in your best interest. And when you build the confidence to stop creating excuses for not taking responsibility for your present circumstances and future successes or failures. Then, you will know you are on the right track toward a spectacular life of true Freedom and Living the WOW!

Now, that in itself is a WOW!