Tom Connors
Tom Connors

Simply amazing isn’t it? There are actually people in, this, the greatest country on the face of the earth, going around promoting the idea that people who succeed in life do so only because of the involvement of others in their lives. They deny individual success and achievement. (You can’t make this stuff up.)

Balderdash! That’s my response to such complete and total nonsense.

People Living the WOW! achieve the level of satisfaction and accomplishment they do because THEY went for it! THEY rolled up their sleeves, sacrificed and, in many cases, made the most of less than stellar situations. Nobody did it for them. Nobody took them by the hand and led them down some primrose path to a land of plenty. THEY DID IT THEMSELVES.

Why do you think the Good Lord made us all unique and equal in His eyes? Why do you think he gave us the ability to think for ourselves and find our own purpose? Why is it written, “In God We Trust”?

As individuals we control our own destiny; make no mistake about that. We can choose to make our mark in this life in a positive and effectual manner or we can choose to spend our time aimlessly watching Jerry Springer or some mindless soap opera. It’s really a simple decision we get to make every day. By our very being we are blessed with a freedom to become who we want to become.

Those are called certain inalienable rights. Foundations of freedom that allow and encourage us to bring out our best. It’s all up to us.

Strike out on your own. Ignore those telling you it’s not your fault. That you can’t do better by yourself.

Excusing failure and lack of industriousness to “everyone else’ fault” raises serious questions in my book. In fact, I question what the hidden agenda really is. Why would anyone encourage people not to try? Why would they pawn off any lack of achievement to the inaction of others in your life or worse, failure of government?

Your ultimate success and ability to shape your life by Living the WOW! rests with YOU! Make no mistake about it!

If you think otherwise or if anyone tells you it isn’t so, they are wrong. Period.

I know what it is like to see people take responsibility for their own lives. I have seen the passion and determination first hand. I have seen the discipline people employ to go for their goals and reached them because that is what they want more than anything else in life. These are people with disabilities who make no excuses.

These are people who have the courage and grit to hang in there and succeed at all cost. These are the very same people who beat back disabilities and overcome all odds of dysfunctional family life. These are people who ignore discrimination and bigotry to get ahead. People who rise above financial crisis to pull their lives back together again.

They do it because they have purpose in their lives. They find the inner strength to hurdle barriers put in their way. They create meaning in their lives. They do it themselves. I know, because I have witnessed it for over 30 years at my company, American Training.

Be very wary of those who want to take you off track and point you in another direction. Look closely at their motivation.

Why would anyone discourage you instead of ENCOURAGE you to be your best? Is there some other agenda at work?

Those are the questions you should be asking when you hear these new-found excuses for lack of achievement. For people in positions of influence to attribute lackluster performance or mediocre results to conditions “beyond your control” or to the actions of “outside influences”, you really have to wonder what their real purpose is in making these statements. Whose benefit are they really looking out for? Maybe keeping certain people discouraged and down on themselves serves a sinister purpose not easily identified.

When you think of it, why would any one hesitate, even for a minute, to encourage people to strike out of their own and make Living the WOW! a lifelong goal? Maybe those sticking to this philosophy do so because they have never had to really work for anything.

Let’s give credit where it is due.

People Living the WOW! take advantage of their individual freedom and mold their lives into rewarding and proud moments that are cherished for a lifetime. That’s the kind of life we are all capable of creating by taking responsibility for what ultimately happens to us.

Here’s a fact that you ought to keep close to your heart. One that just might drive you to consider making your Life Matter more than ever before.

For all those people out there who continue to claim that any one person can’t achieve success alone, I have one thing to bring to your attention. Throughout history people Living the WOW! didn’t create an outrageously memorable life just for themselves or their family. They didn’t rise to a level of competence, spiritual fulfillment and purposeful living for selfish reasons. No, they chose to go far beyond that. They built a Country for others to follow their example for individual freedom and choice. They called that country, the United States of America.

Now, that’s a WOW!

Tom Connors is President/CEO of American Training, a diverse collection of companies committed to “Bringing Out the Best in Everyone They Touch”. He believes in living life to the fullest by making the WOW! a regular part of your personal, spiritual and working life. You can reach Tom at or by writing to him at Tom Connors, American Training, 102 Glenn Street, Lawrence, MA 01843} © 2012. You can also visit Tom at his BLOG …