Local Aid Increases in Governor Healey’s First Budget

by: Rep. Adrianne Ramos

Budget season is officially beginning!

On March 1, Governor Healey released her administration’s version of the FY24 budget.

Included in the Governor’s budget is a local aid increase of over 8% from FY23.

After speaking with officials from every town in the 14th Essex, it is clear that our municipalities are struggling to make ends meet.
For the first time since its passage the Student Opportunity Act will be fully funded, and Chapter 70 school aid has increased by nearly 10% in this proposed budget.

It’s clear that the state is hoping to ease the burden our towns face but there is still more work to be done.

Over the next few weeks, my office will be having further conversations with town and city officials to learn of additional budget needs as we in the House of Representatives begin the budget process.

As we get further into the 193rd General Session, I am looking forward to working through the over 6,000 bills filed in the House of Representatives in my committees.

I have been assigned to 4 committees this term: Children, Families & Persons with Disabilities, Post Audit & Oversight, Tourism, Arts & Cultural Development, and Advanced IT, Internet & Cybersecurity. I am particularly looking forward to serving on the Children, Families & Persons with Disabilities committee as it aligns with my priorities of improving mental health of children and creating a better future for families in the 14th Essex and throughout the Commonwealth.

Before diving into public hearings and committee meetings, my team has been combing through requests to co-sponsor bills. It’s been a priority of mine to read through each piece of legislation that comes across my desk, with a particular eye towards requests from constituents within the district.

While I may not co-sponsor every bill sought, it is helpful to understand the priorities of the district and will watch as they make their way through the process. ◊