Local Author helps aspiring writers get published


By: Rebecca Duggan Kruschwitz – November, 2010

Author Ken Tingle
Author Ken Tingle

Lawrence native Ken Tingle, is a celebrated local author with glowing reviews of “The Girl in the Italian Bakery” and an honorable mention in the 2009 New England Book Festival. His book has been sold all over the United States as well as other countries.

Tingle has written a new book “How I Published My Book and Sold Thousands of Copies” which is a great starting point for anyone trying to get his or her work published and sold.

Tingle says it took him about a year to write “The Girl in the Italian Bakery” and when it was finished he didn’t bother trying to get the attention of the major publishers. “The whole process was so much quicker for me than a lot of people. Some people take years writing their book and then just as many years finding a publisher,” Tingle told The Valley Patriot in 2008.

“They say the odds of getting one of the major publishers to even look at your manuscript are as good as winning the lottery, so I didn’t bother chasing the big publishers like Random House,” he said

“Unless you have a high powered agent to represent you to help you get your foot in the door, getting a high powered publisher is nearly impossible. And getting a high powered agent is just as hard as getting a high powered publishing house to look at your book, so it’s a catch 22.”

“After I wrote The Girl in the Italian Bakery”, many people approached me and asked how to go about getting published and selling books. There are a lot of predators out there who exploit people’s dreams. I learned a lot over the last two years since the book came out, so I wanted to help people avoid some of the same mistakes I made. I wrote an e-book titled “How I Published My Book And Sold Thousands Of Copies”. It will really help anyone who is looking to get published. It is only available online right now. Anyone interested can go to this link: www.publishandsellmybook.com”.

Tingle made his dream come true and other authors can benefit from his experience and hard work. The time saving information in “How I Published My Book And Sold Thousands Of Copies” is invaluable for novice authors that are unfamiliar with the publishing process and how to market literature effectively.

Local author Kenneth Tingle, who wrote the local bestseller The Girl in the Italian Bakery, has a new e-book for aspiring authors. After much success in the Merrimack Valley with his book, Tingle is frequently asked about the publishing process and how to sell books. It became evident there was a need for some honest advice. According to Tingle, “ This is the wisest $9.99 any aspiring author will ever spend. I had to learn all this stuff through trial and error, being mislead multiple times from predatory marketers. This e-book could literally save people thousands of dollars and many hours of frustration. From a local and national standpoint, I can honestly tell people what does and doesn’t work. I went down a lot of dead-end roads, I’m hoping to help people avoid the same mistakes. This book actually works for any type of local selling and advertising.” It is only available online at: