Local DJ’s Taking Your Requests Again!


LOWELL – For those of you who listened to your favorite radio station, hoping your requests would be played, here is your chance again. 980WCAP AM, in Lowell, has a new show, “Cindy’s Vinyl Vault,” hosted by Cindy and Peter Annis, a father and daughter team.

Their playlists include the top 100 hits of the 50’s and 60’s with an occasional record from the late 40’s and into the 70’s. In the time-honored format these two are introducing each tune with a little bit of history of artists and their songs. You’ll find the Vault open on late nights starting at 10 on Sundays, 11 p.m. on Mondays and 10 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Cindy has been skulking around the 45’s and LP’s at WCAP since her internship in 2008. As a producer of some of the most interesting talk radio in the valley she is used to pushing buttons, but couldn’t wait to dust off the vinyl and start playing some of those tunes in a live music show. She grew up listening to “Oldies” and never lost her love for those tunes. With a cyclopedic mind she rattles off the years and isn’t afraid to correct you when she knows who was the first to record a song.

Her dad, Peter, grew up with his parent’s music playing in the parlour on weekends. A dollar saved was as likely to be spent at Stuarts on the latest 45 as anything else. Bringing him on board at WCAP was a natural thing for Cindy. They had been combing over yard sale record collections for years, discussing the music and challenging each other since Cindy was very young.

Phone in your requests during the live shows at 978-454-4980. You can also make requests early online at www.Facebook.com/Cindy’sVinylVault and don’t forget to listen to them on your AM radio dial at 980 WCAP. And as they say at the end of their night, “Remember, it’s not how old it is, it’s how great it sounds!”