‘Lori from Lowell’ Just Another Partisan Politician

By: Brian Genest – Feb, 2021

trehanRemember when Lori Trahan was running for Congress in 2018? She’d probably like you to forget. Back then, the story was she wasn’t like other Democrats. She was going to be different.

How’s that narrative about “Lori from Lowell” holding up back here at home today? Here’s how: LOL!
Right from the start, Lori Trahan exposed herself as a partisan radical and a Washington swamp creature. From the day she arrived in Congress, Lori Trahan has been part of Nancy Pelosi’s team to destroy America. IRL, Lori lives in Westford now.

ICYMI: At the State of the Union address in 2019, just shortly after being sworn into office, Trahan was one of Nancy Pelosi’s women in white, that not-so-charming group who refused to clap for America, free enterprise, law enforcement heroes and low unemployment for women and minorities. Later that week, Trahan showed up in Lawrence to endorse total fraud Elizabeth Warren for president. Trahan’s speech was loaded with all kinds of talking points to help promote the progressive Democrat agenda. At the event, Trahan praised the Green New Deal put together by self-proclaimed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey, a plan so extreme that it would get rid of fossil fuels, the combustion engine and almost all air travel. NBD, right?

It’s not like Lori Trahan had any kind of mandate from the extreme left or anywhere else. She won the Democrat primary in 2018 by only 145 votes after a recount. Just an FYI.

Regardless, as co-sponsor of a so-called “justice in policing act” last summer, Lori Trahan showed her true colors as a progressive, anti-police politician. The bill, of course, provided “justice” for protesters, rioters, looters and everyone but the police. In other words, she’s for chaos instead of the cops. JK—not!
In a press release, Trahan called the anti-police bill transformative legislation that will overhaul policing in America and begin to rebuild the trust between officers and the communities they serve. IMO, it’s more like “an act relative to reprimanding the police.”

BTW, what about the trust between our elected officials and the communities they’re supposed to serve? What about supporting the vast majority of good, honest and dedicated officers who risk their lives every day to protect us all, including the elite, thankless and clueless?

On issues ranging from her questionable campaign finances to publishing information to help illegal aliens evade capture, Lori Trahan has shown she’s just another entitled insider who’s out of touch and out of sync with the good people of Dracut and the other communities in her district.

Speaking of which, Lori Trahan’s now along for the ride on Joe Biden’s All-Malarkey tour, saying recently that bipartisanship should take a back seat on the $1.9 trillion pandemic spending bill. Indeed, that’s exactly how Lori Trahan and her Democrat cohorts handled the situation: She supported the completely-partisan, Democrat bill, along with the necessary procedural games to avoid a Republican filibuster, too.

Meanwhile, Democrats are calling for unity. Lori Trahan, who twice voted to impeach President Donald Trump, sure has a strange way of supporting that alleged cause.

Question: What kind of example does Lori Trahan set when she tells her children, your children and all her constituents that bipartisanship should be put aside—for any reason? Answer: A very poor one, SMH.

FWIW: The people of the 3rd Congressional District deserve better than Lori Trahan.


– Brian Genest is chairman of the Dracut Republican Town Committee and a member of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee representing the Second Essex & Middlesex District of Andover, Dracut, Lawrence and Tewksbury.