Lowell a Sanctuary City? And Other Interesting tid bits…

By: John MacDonald – Dec. 2016

uac-middleschoolers-2As the rumor mill usually does in Lowell, it has worked overtime, through the magic of social media and not to be left out of a national discussion, the topic of being a “Sanctuary City” has reared its ugly head. As one might surmise from my series of articles in The Valley Patriot, that I am clearly not in favor of Lowell being a Sanctuary City. I have personally been involved with the issue of legal immigration and in the past I even developed and promoted a legal streamlined program for legal immigrants/aliens to become legal citizens of these United States of America. It was employer based, helped fund the application process and even worked with immigration attorneys to help people that really wanted to be part of the greatest nation on earth.

I believe anyone seeking citizenship and who follows the process, are doing things legally and prove themselves… deserves the right to become a legal citizen. Those who have come here illegally, have avoided the process, have broken the law, avoided paying taxes and put a burden on the public services that legal citizens have fought and paid for… deserve a one-way ticket out of the country. Period.

Cities that openly violate federal law, oh hell… break the law… should not receive federal funding. Public officials that promote, demand and or vote to become a “Sanctuary City” should be impeached, charged, tried and convicted in a court of law for breaking the law. Yes, public officials breaking the law should serve jail time. Period.

It’s outrageous that a public official would willingly place a burden on public safety and demand that they also violate the law. Demand that they ignore undocumented, law breaking illegal immigrants, who willingly live in the shadows and circumvent the laws of our nation. Realize that when a citizen of the United States breaks the law, law enforcement uses a database of information from finger prints to credit card purchases to track down and find the individual who has broken the law. Often undocumented illegal immigrants do not have that element to their background, making their capture all that more elusive. In addition, does it seem fair at all that these same public officials that support “Sanctuary Cities”, want you, the legal citizen, to pay for all the burdens on the system that illegal immigrants cause? The answer is no. Period!

So, Lowell City Councilors should think long and hard, before they open this can or worms. I believe the outrage would turn this city on its ear and Lowellians could pretty much count on a new City Council getting elected. I like this current council, but an issue like this would turn my opinion of them… quickly.

Eliminating Plastic Bags in Lowell?

A Lowell High School teacher looking to encourage his students into civil engagement thought it a wonderful idea to promote eliminating plastic bags at local stores. Evidently the students are going to approach city council and demand that like the City of Cambridge, Lowell join in on this plastic bag ban.
My opinion… Isn’t there an owl to save? How about picking up trash on the streets or finding a solution to panhandlers? How about a class for High School kids on how to cross the streets and not walk into traffic when the light turns green? How about having a “turn off the cell phones” and ITUNES for a day, so they can learn how to communicate again like humans? How about financial literacy and balancing a checkbook?

No, instead let’s place a burden on local commerce and find a way to charge and tax the consumer once again, by banning plastic bags and demanding people bring their own. BYOBag. Sorry… this is nonsense. It will probably be heard, but again… who really wants to become the City of Cambridge? Who wants to send Lowell shoppers to neighboring communities that have convenient plastic bags? I don’t. I suggest Lowell City Councilors, put an end to it quickly.

Projections for a new Lowell High School soar!

So, the new projections for a brand new High School are more than expected… “SHOCKER”. Construction costs and material costs have increased, since the idea was originally proposed. Only in Lowell will a newly renovated High School cost less than a new one. Yes… Only in Lowell do we defy the laws of construction budgeting and finance and are the opposite of every other community in the state, possibly the nation, when it comes to building a new High School.

I’m calling shenanigans. Something foul has been in the pot for a long time and I don’t expect things to change. There’s a powerful silent majority of nostalgia lovers that want this High School to remain downtown. This might just be their way to do it.

There will be a lot more on this as time goes on, but readers keep an eye on this issue. It will be a big one as Lowell also needs a new police station. Stay tuned!

Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all Valley Patriot Readers! God bless!