Lowell’s Belvidere Neighborhood Spoke with a Large Bat in Preliminary

By: John MacDonald – October, 2017

By a clear majority, the Belvidere neighborhood in Lowell spoke with a loud voice and once again dominated the direction of Lowell.

The Preliminary election of Tuesday September 26th should be a wakeup call, but it’s not a surprise. The rest of Lowell who proclaimed it wants a new direction, certainly didn’t come out in the preliminary election to prove it. Not to the candidates, because the candidates did their job. This was a wake-up call to anyone who doesn’t live in Belvidere. What was learned in the preliminary vote really wasn’t about the high school location. This vote was about who’s in control.

Belvidere historically has overseen the city. Its voting block has put in power the Old-Guard Belvidere elite. It’s not good enough to just live in Belvidere, but you must be established Old-Guard, the privileged or an old name. You can’t be a newbie to Belvidere, that doesn’t count. Unless, of course, you follow the playbook. Then you just get a nice pat of the head. Look… this isn’t everybody who’s lived in Belvidere for generations, but it certainly is the majority… the numbers prove it.

This vote is Old-Guard vs. the rest of the City of Lowell. However, the rest of Lowell earned this result on election night. The Highlands, Centralville, P-Ville, South Lowell… didn’t come out and vote in the primary. It’s your own fault. The rest of Lowell allowed Belvidere to win the evening and as a result, possibly the destiny of the city for the foreseeable future. Unless… the rest of the city wakes up!

The Old-Guard was more than victorious on election night. They were loud and clear. Whether it be a high school, a power plant, cell tower, new business, hotel… it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is… if Belvidere doesn’t want it, it isn’t happening. Why? Because the rest of Lowell allowed it. You stayed home on election night and just expected good results. It doesn’t work that way. You must get out and vote.

If you’re from the Highlands… you just allowed the Old-Guard in Belvidere to tell you who’s in control and what you can and cannot have. If you’re from South Lowell… you just allowed Belvidere to make the call on the High School. Get the drift?

So, if you want to have a say in the future of your city, mobilize and take control. VOTE! It’s that simple. If you want the Old-Guard, Belvidere, Not in My Neighborhood Elite to run things… do nothing or basically… do what you did on election night. Ed Kennedy will be your mayor… Again, and Eileen Donoghue your next City Manager. Belvidere will be tranquil, but the rest of the city, an economic development and educational failure. The teachers are great, but the facility will hold us all back. Your kids, grandkids… hell even their grandkids will suffer the consequences of your actions.

It’s the Old-Guard vs. The rest of Lowell. November 7th… you decide.
Here’s my 9 – Mercier, Elliott, Leary, Belanger, Rourke, LeLacheur, Finn, Chau and Gignac. Here’s your future folks… Now go earn it!