MA Dems Betray Minorities, Women at State Convention ~ PAYING ATTENTION! with TOM DUGGAN

Did the Democrats in Massachusetts give in to White Supremacy

By: Tom Duggan – June, 2022

While the Massachusetts Democratic Party continues to push racial animosity, obsess on “white supremacy” and push for race and gender policies within their platform, their racist rhetoric against “white privilege” seemed to take a back seat during their state party’s convention last month.

The Massachusetts Democratic Party Convention is a coronation of preferred candidates that political insiders support in each primary race. (The Republican convention works much the same).

What made this year’s convention so interesting is that it didn’t seem like the party bosses checked all of the racial and gender “identity” boxes that they demand the rest of us adhere to.

In the race for governor, current Attorney General Maura Healey came in first place over Sonia Chang Diaz on the first ballot. This, despite the fact that Healey says she supports affirmative action, racial set asides for “minorities” and championing the elevation of “non-white” candidates into positions of power. You would think if she really believed that, that she would just step aside for Chang-Diaz.

But you’d be wrong about that.

And, since Healey is White and Chang-Diaz is considered “non-white” you might assume that the high-level donors and decision makers in the Democrat Party would be supporting the “person of color” over the white person of “privilege.” But you’d be wrong about that too.

Convention attendees chose the white candidate, Maura Healey with 2,858 votes, (71.2%) to Sonia Chang-Díaz’s 1,155 votes, (28.8%).

So much for Democrats being the party of “inclusion” and “equity” and “minority representation.”

On September 6th, Massachusetts voters will choose who wins this race, and it will be interesting to see if they are just as hypocritical as their party leaders. My prediction is that they are. After all, the party that routinely attacks white people in power as “racist” and the result of “systemic white supremacy,” is the same party that chose a white man to be their party nominee for president. You know that rich, old, white guy – Joe Biden.

In the State Auditor’s race, “progressive” party insiders violated yet another commandment in the identity wars: “stand with all women.”

In this race the party bigwigs had a choice between a woman (Diana DiZoglio) and a “white man” (Chris Dempsey). Again, you would think that DiZoglio would be the clear winner at the convention. That is, if the Democrats in Massachusetts actually believed their own rhetoric and followed the same rules that they set up for the rest of us.
But you would be wrong about that too. The hypocrites in the state Democrat Party committed the sexist act of elevating a “white man of privilege” instead of “standing with all women.”

Convention attendees voted:

Chris Dempsey: 2148 votes, 52.6%
Diana DiZoglio: 1931 votes, 47.3%

If this is what Democrats mean when they say we must “empower all women” they sure have a funny view of “empowerment” or, maybe they just have a different definition of “women.”

But that’s another column entirely. ◊