MA It’s time to Vote Republican ~ By John MacDonald

By: John MacDonald – June, 2018

Like thieves in the night State Senate progressive Democrats snuck in another midnight amendment to approve Massachusetts becoming a Sanctuary State. Progressive Democrats are pushing for Massachusetts to become a place that openly accepts illegal aliens, financially supports illegal aliens and openly violates federal law. Already Massachusetts spends $2 Billion of our tax dollars per year on supporting illegal aliens. Progressive’s have already secured and are spending $2 Billion on housing, healthcare, food stamps and free in state college tuition for illegal aliens. What will the cost be now if the Massachusetts House approves this new effort?

What will the cost be relative to our public safety? You know the answers.

Ask progressive (regressive) Democrats to explain to all legal immigrants and naturalized citizens why illegal aliens get a free ride? Ask why following the law, becoming self-reliant and paying taxes isn’t something naturalized citizens should strive for? Ask them if they believe if anyone should be a citizen of the United States, because they certainly aren’t showing it.

You know they answers.

Progressive Democrats support the Millionaires Tax, which they project will raise $1.9 Billion Dollars in new tax revenue. Connecticut did the same thing some time ago. Connecticut has experienced a loss in state revenue, a mass exodus of millionaires… oh, who by the way… are the people creating most of the jobs in Connecticut. Why would we do this? Where will this new-found money go? Will our communities see more money? Will we see our schools get properly funded? Will our bridges get fixed? Will the pot holes disappear? You know they answers.

Why not eliminate all funding for illegal alien benefits? $2 Billion that we are already spending could be diverted to much needed local aide, education and fixing those crumbling bridges that get ignored year after year. Progressive Democrats will not allow it… that’s why it won’t happen. Why? You know they answer.

Progressive Democrats voted themselves a 40% pay raise. $18 million dollars per year. They gave themselves a pay raise and have swiftly rejected giving you… you the tax payer… not one tax free holiday weekend. They said yes to enriching themselves and said NO to helping you and Massachusetts business. Why?

You know the answer.

What about a break on the state sales tax, which is 6.25% right now? There is going to be a ballot question that will ask Massachusetts voters if they want to reduce the state sales tax to 5%. Here’s a surprise… Massachusetts progressive (REGRESSIVE) Democrats are against reducing the state sales tax. Why? The State of Massachusetts has unprecedented amounts of revenue (hey Progressive Democrats… that means you’ve never had so much money) and yet they want more. Why? You know they answer.

Massachusetts doesn’t have a revenue problem. Massachusetts progressive Democrats have a spending problem! Why? You know they answer.

So, what can you do? The answer is simple, and you know what the answer is. Vote Republican. The reason all these ridiculous laws are getting passed and the reason progressive Democrats are so arrogant and dismissive of you… YOU the taxpayer… is because most voters have made it that way. You’ve voted for an unbalanced, lopsided state government. The overwhelming clear majority of elected officials are…. Democrats. The elected JFK Democrats are dead, dying or are transforming into progressive politicians to save their career. Career politicians? Yes, that’s a discussion for another time.

Have you had enough yet? Here’s the answer to the change you desire. What have you got to lose? VOTE REPUBLICAN!