Maggie Hassan’s Shameful TV Commercials Mean it’s Time to Retire ~ PAYING ATTENTION with TOM DUGGAN


The one thing you can never accuse me of is being a partisan mouthpiece for any political party.

Currently I am working really hard to get Democrat Diana DiZoglio elected as Massachusetts State Auditor, Democrat Lawrence Councilor Estela Reyes elected State Rep. in Lawrence, and Republican Geoff Diehl elected governor. I also supported N.H. Senator Jean Shaheen in her last bid for re-election, mostly because she is great at constituent services, is bi-partisan on many issues, and is not ignoring the homeless epidemic.


This year I am so horrified by the dishonesty and shameful behavior of Maggie Hassan on the campaign trail in New Hampshire – and in particular, her television ads – I couldn’t let this election go by without addressing it.

In one TV ad, Hassan exploits her special needs son, actually showing him in the commercial, in her quest to maintain power in Washington D.C.

As someone who worked with special needs adults for nearly ten years, I can’t image any parent that I dealt with using their child in a television commercial for a politician. In fact, nearly 100% of the clients I worked with at Fidelity House, Class, Inc., and American Training had signed orders in the clients file from the family prohibiting photos or videos of any kind.

That’s because they all knew that special needs individuals can be so easily exploited for the selfish benefit of others.

Yet, here’s Maggie Hassan parading her special needs kid on TV trying to get votes. It’s beyond shameful. What’s even more wrong here is that Hassan doesn’t see anything wrong with what she’s doing.

I do.

And I’m willing to bet a lot of families of special needs kids out there do too.


One of the things I liked about Jean Shaheen during her re-election bid was the fact that she was more bipartisan than most of her democrat colleagues. Maggie Hassan on the other hand, does what her party tells her to do 100% of the time.

Not once did she stray from her puppet masters in D.C.

That’s not putting New Hampshire first, it’s putting partisan hackery first. As the result of her blind obedience to the Biden Administration our economy is in ruins. She also supported Biden’s actions to shut down existing gas and oil pipelines – driving up gas and home heating prices for N.H. residents.

That’s not putting New Hampshire first either!

Yet, if you take a look at Maggie Hassan’s TV ads, she touts herself over and over (and OVER) as a “bi-partisan” senator. Did she redefine the word Bi-Partisan because that’s not it. It would be laughable if the stakes weren’t so high.

She also claims she “voted with republicans” to increase border security. But, that’s a lie. She voted for a Democrat bill that a few Republicans supported. A bill that did nothing for border security and only helped the Biden Administration move illegal aliens to cities and towns further inside the country.

On top of all this Hassan supports teaching sexual topics to young kids behind the backs of parents. That’s not a “right wing conspiracy theory”, any more than her support for racism in public schools with “critical race theory” that teaches white kids they are to be shamed for the way they were born.

But Hassan’s sins this election season go so much further that that.

She supported every mask and vaccine mandate put before her, from expelling members of the military for not getting a (now proven dangerous) vaccine, to closing private businesses long after it was learned that COVID was not as dangerous as we were told.

She supports open borders, licenses, and government benefits for illegal aliens, and refuses to stand with women in sports who are fighting to stop men from competing in – and ruining their sport.

With the drug addiction and homeless problem at epidemic proportions in New Hampshire, Hassan has done nothing to help the homeless addicts of New Hampshire or to stop the flow of heroin and fentanyl into the state.

Finally, those who want to defund the police support Hassan en-masse, despite her bogus, pro-police claims in her comical TV commercials.

There are a lot of Democrats who deserve your vote on November, 8th but Maggie Hassan is not one of them.

It’s time for the voters of New Hampshire to retire Maggie Hassan. ◊