Make America Sane Again

By: Ken Willette

Election Night– 2016. For most political pundits and most polls, there is a very high expectation that Hillary Clinton will be elected as the first female president. Clinton was going to give her anticipated victory speech in an enclosed glass structure, thereby symbolizing a woman finally breaking through the glass ceiling of the most powerful office on the planet. But that dream was not meant to be that fateful night.

Some analysts will point to disgruntled Sanders voters jilted by a rigged DNC election process. Some will blame Comey. Others will grade Clinton as a very poor retail politician, who desperately needed to campaign during the last weekend before the election in traditionally solid Democratic strongholds such as Detroit and Philly. That was like repeatedly ignoring the red flags of the canary in the political coal mine. Too little, too late. Clinton even lost a majority of the white female vote. Unfortunately, many liberals have decided to replace the optimistic glass ceiling metaphor with an unapologetic glass house mentality. But we all know the old saying:–“Don’t throw stones if you live in glass houses!” It might come back to haunt you. Oh boy, unless you were in a coma the last two months, we clearly have witnessed some rocks boomeranging back to the Left!

When the Covington students’ confrontation with Nathan Phillips went viral, it soon became a watershed moment for the Left. Many had doubled down on Clinton’s flawed deplorable strategy. To many leftists, any individuals wearing Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats were pure hate mongers. This was supposed to be the smoking gun that even young kids wearing the MAGA hats had no shame in harassing a Native American. There were even calls for an outright ban on the MAGA hats. “We cannot let this outrage go unpunished,” proclaimed the war cry. But soon major retractions and apologies were issued across the nation. For the people who had to endure watching the relentless hate spewed by the Black Hebrew Israelites, they know the full story. As I carefully reviewed the nearly two hours of unimaginable verbal assaults directed toward hundreds of minors and peaceful marchers, many false statements from Phillips were totally disproven.

The students were allegedly surrounding Phillips and shouting, “Build the Wall.” None of this was even remotely true according to the uncensored video. Phillips voluntarily walked up to the students, and banged his drum in the face of a minor. He outright lied about fearing for his own safety and not being able to escape this alleged unruly mob. He lied about trying to defuse the situation, because he never confronted the true purveyors of hatred and bigotry that day—the Black Hebrew Israelites. That group freely mocked the nearby Native Americans attending their own rally. They lobbed incest jokes at the Catholic priests and students waiting for their buses. They hurled homophobic and racial slurs at will. They even belittled the brave women who actually approached this vile hate group. Phillips did nothing courageously that day to intervene. It was really a miracle that there were no physical fights.

When Phillips finally approached the kids, long after the Native American rally ended, the Covington students clapped, cheered and sang their school songs. In today’s Alice in Wonderful environment, I am not entirely sure when high school kids clapping, cheering and singing school songs served as proof that they were mocking someone. The only crime some of these kids committed that day was wearing the MAGA hat.

Personally, I can understand why many liberals despise the MAGA hat, although I obviously disagree with their basic reasoning. The MAGA hat is a permanent reminder of 2016. But certainly many events have happened since the true facts of the Covington students saw the light of day. These events have shattered the myth that the MAGA hat is a symbol of racism. And that the other side has some serious housecleaning to do.

I am not picturing the Virginia Governor and Attorney General wearing the MAGA hats, both of whom were caught wearing blackface. Nor would I find many MAGA boosters at the Women’s March, whose co-founder declared a fondness for Louis Farrakhan. This is the same leader of the Nation of Islam who called Jews termites. Congresswoman Omar used an old yet evil stereotype of associating Jews as money-makers. Did Joy Behar suddenly convert to Trump country, another celebrity hypocrite who darkened her face as a costume? What about Liz Warren falsely identifying as American Indian on a legal document, even though she is only 1/1024th Native American?
Where is the outrage from the Left? Where are the massive protests down in Virginia? When are the economic boycotts starting until the Governor and Attorney General resign? Has Rep. Omar been demoted from her committee assignment on Foreign Affairs yet?

That glass house mentality really needs to be called out by all Americans. While the current optics for the Left are terrible, maybe the sunlight of sanity, reason and respectful dissent can finally emerge from the ruins of this glass house mirage? In the very least, can we stop threatening kids for simply wearing a political hat? ◊