Man Jumps into River Fleeing Police After Stealing Purse ~ 2 Cops In Hospital After Water Rescue

By: Tom Duggan – Nov. 22, 2017|1pm

Two Lawrence Police Officers are in the Lawrence General Hospital Emergency room this afternoon after rescuing a man who jumped into the Spicket River.

Witnesses tell The Valley Patriot that a man stole a purse at Lawrence General Hospital where police chased him down Canal Street to the River where the suspect jumped in and tried to get away.

Two Lawrence officers jumped into the water to try and rescue the man, as the Lawrence Fire Department took their boat to the scene to try and help.

Witnesses say that the two officers, with the help of firefighters were able to rescue the man and swim to shore where he was, ironically, taken back to Lawrence General to be treated.

Sources at the hospital say that the two officers are in good condition and are just being checked out. The man who was rescued is also in good condition.