Marriage Equality Marks 10 Year Anniversary ~Ye Gay Ol’ Valley

Dani Langevin, Lesbian ColumnistBy: Dani Langevin – June, 2014

Ten years ago last month the wonderfully forward thinking SJC made marriage open and equal to all adult couples that want to spend a lifetime together.

Ten years ago this month on June 26 I married my amazing wife, Michelle. And I’m sure, much to the dismay of our opposers, we are still married and still very much in love. So, sorry to disappoint you.

Before Massachusetts made ‘same sex’ marriage legal, the Netherlands were the first to do it. Since then, nineteen states have legalized ‘same sex’ marriage as well as ten countries and not one of them is falling a part. None of their internal strife, failing economy or social and moral breakdown can be directly linked to the acceptance of marriage equality.

In the past decade the U.S. has had over 150,000 ‘same sex’ couples get married, have civil unions or commitment ceremonies. 1% of them have filed for divorce or separation as opposed to 2% of heterosexual marriages. An interesting statistic. What’s even more interesting is that heterosexual couples who live in states that have legalized gay marriage have a 20% lower divorce rate than heterosexual couples who live in states that have not. If I remember correctly those who opposed same sex marriage argued that it would destroy the very foundation marriage is built. And yet, you have heterosexuals staying together at a higher rate in pro-same sex marriage states. It seems to me that same sex marriage may be the mortar that holds that foundation together.

The fact is that there really has been no negative impact in allowing marriage equality. The sky hasn’t fallen. It hasn’t ruined the sanctity of marriage between any couple, and children of gay parents are growing up perfectly fine. Case in point my own three children: a social worker, airman, and soon to be butcher are doing perfectly wonderful. Unlike our straight counter parts, homosexuals will never have to ‘deal’ with an unwanted pregnancy or later in life surprise pregnancy. Children of gay couples came to be because they were wanted. And the argument about children of gay couples growing up without a mother or father is bogus at best. There are millions of children growing up with a single heterosexual mom or dad all over the world.

What about the economic impact? According to the website ThinkProgress, if the U.S. legalized same sex marriage in the entire country tax revenues would increase $500-$700 million. Spending on programs such as Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid and Medicare would be reduced by $100 million to $200 million. Why? Because marriage offers more financial security which is a winning situation for the couples, their children and all citizens living in a country that offers equality for all.

Clearly offering the ability to get married to all adult couples is highly beneficial and not even remotely detrimental to society. It promotes stability, monogamy, wanted pregnancy or adoption, increased financial security and God knows what other benefits. It’s time to give up the fight DOMA and all of its supporters. In ten years they’ll be more states that will have jumped on the ‘same sex’ marriage band wagon. Some times you just have to admit defeat and celebrate the victor.