Massachusetts Democrats Must Walk the Walk on Homelessness ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (12-23)


Right now, there are tens of thousands of American citizens in Massachusetts who are homeless, jobless, hungry, and in desperate need of help.

This is a human tragedy, and it is 100% the fault of the Massachusetts Democrat Party.

Why blame democrats?

Well, democrats control every single constitutional office from governor to state treasurer. Democrats represent an overwhelming majority of the state legislature. They control every single major city in the state, and they hold every Massachusetts congressional and senate seat.

So, one would think that the number of homeless Americans in this state would be decreasing every year. After all, Democrats “care about poor people,” … right?

With so many democrats in charge of Massachusetts, the addiction crisis should be in full reverse, and hungry children whose parents are living in cars or tents should be well on their way to family reunification in a stable, and safe home with food and security.

But they are not.

Homelessness and addiction in Massachusetts are increasing year after year, while democrats increase their power in the state year after year.

We see a direct correlation.

While the needs of homeless Americans go mostly ignored by Massachusetts democrats, they have willingly imported more poor people, (illegal aliens) with the promise of free housing, free food, and other government benefits.

In fact, Governor Healey and the democrat-dominated legislature are spending billions of Massachusetts tax dollars on housing, clothing, and food for illegals, all the while American citizens (some of whom are veterans) continue to live on the streets with no food, no clothing, and no prospects of improving their living conditions.

They get nothing from the democrats in Massachusetts while citizens of Mexico, Russia, and Chad are living in high priced hotels on your dime.

That’s not the compassion they promise us at election time; its treason.

Democrat legislators, especially here in the Merrimack Valley, need to be held accountable for all of this.

It’s long past time for voters to start applying pressure to Reps. Paulino, Reyes, Moran, Hamilton, Vargas, Ramos, Nguyen, and the rest of the Merrimack Valley delegation, to service Americans living on the streets before putting illegals in hotels and motels.

Instead of being puppets for their feckless political party, it’s time they became leaders of their party and start solving these problems.

In Lawrence alone there are well over 200 individuals living on the streets, while their state representatives, senators, governor, and local officials do nothing to solve the problem. That doesn’t count the 55 homeless people staying at the Daybreak Homeless Shelter every night, or the hundreds of people couch-surfing with friends or family members because they have nowhere else to live.

We often publish stories about the heroic volunteers at TMF (The Movement Family) who go out onto the streets of Lawrence every day to feed and service the homeless with no government help at all.

In fact, the democrat-controlled state and local government have actually been a major hinderance to these brave volunteers and the work that they do.

If the democrats in this state actually did their jobs, there would be no need for TMF volunteers because the homeless crisis wouldn’t exist.

The fact that it does, says volumes about our democrat leaders – mostly, that they really don’t give a damn about the poor.

That has to change.

There’s no reason for any American citizen to be homeless in the richest country in human history.

And there is no reason for even one citizen of Massachusetts to be homeless in a state dominated by democrats whose self-declared purpose is “helping the poor.”

Well, there is one reason: elected democrats in Massachusetts care more about increasing their political power, than they care about the Americans who are living on our streets.

So, when they all come up for reelection next year it’s up to you, the voters, to force these democrats to walk the walk.

Because, until now, they have only mastered the art of talking the talk. ◊