Maura Healey Kicks Off Black History Month By Closing Recreation Center in Roxbury


By: Kevin Dube – Feb,  2024

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey has chosen the perfect way to show how Democrats care about disadvantaged Black citizens with her decision to close the Melnea Cass Recreation Complex in order to house illegal aliens on the first day of Black History Month. The complex, located at 120 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. serves some of the most disadvantaged Black residents of the Commonwealth. Governor Healey’s action is the latest of her administration’s and Beacon Hill Democrats’ failure to address the influx of illegal aliens into Massachusetts thanks to our reckless right to shelter law.

This, in addition to other measures designed to attract illegal aliens to the Commonwealth, underscores how the Democrats truly view the interests of US Citizens, especially our most disadvantaged. These being the people they pretend to care about.

Melnea Cass, known as the First lady of Roxbury, was a civil rights activist and proponent of women’s suffrage. She worked to organize Black citizens, and, after ratification of the 19th Amendment, helped register women to vote. Bear in mind no Democrats in either the House or the Senate voted in favor of the 15th Amendment, which gave lacks the right to vote. On the 19th Amendment 94% of House and 74% of Senate Republicans voted Yea while 40% of Democrat House members and 57% of Senate Democrats voted against it.

Mrs. Cass was the President of the Boston branch of the NAACP from 1962 to 1964. The center that bears her name which Gov. Healey has appropriated was originally dedicated in 1967 by Republican Governor John Volpe.

On May 22, 1966 then Massachusetts Attorney General Edward W. Brooke honored Mrs. Cass, and that day was declared Melnea Cass Day. Edward Brooke, a Republican, went on to become the first AfricanAmerican since 1874 to be elected to the Senate, and the first AfricanAmerican ever to be re-elected to the US Senate. With all that Republican involvement is it any wonder Governor Healey wants to erase Mrs. Cass’s legacy?

Roxbury is a microcosm of the failures of Democratic policies. Poverty and crime are rampant. The boulevard that bears Melnea Cass’s name is part of “Mass and Cass” where addicts line up homeless in the streets. Why there? Why is help not afforded them? The Democrats certainly rely on the 90%+ of their votes they get every other November, but the rest of the time?

Governor Healey’s decision to make this move on the first day of Black History Month is a fitting tribute to the party of slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow’s true feelings about disadvantaged Black American citizens. Let this be a reminder of not only the real history, but the present state of the Democratic Party regarding how they treat Black Americans, and average working-class US Citizens in general. Who do Democrats truly represent?

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