Mayor Orders Mosquito Spraying in Haverhill due to Mosquitoes Testing Positive for WNV

Haverhill Mayor Jim Fiorentini
Haverhill Mayor Jim Fiorentini

HAVERHILL- Mayor James J. Fiorentini has ordered mosquito control spraying to occur overnight on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 3rd and 4th, from 9PM until midnight. The Department of Public Health has notified us that two mosquitoes have tested positive in Haverhill for West Nile virus. No human cases have been discovered and no cases of the more series EEE mosquito have been found. The mosquitoes have been found in the Upper North Avenue area near the large National Grid gas tank and near the animal shelter on Primrose St. The Mayor has ordered spraying as a precaution.

At the recommendation of the Northeast Mosquito Control Program, the mosquito control spray area is going to on Primrose St. near the DPW yard, and on upper North Ave. by the National Grid gas tanks. They will spray the remainder of the city as soon as trucks and resources are available. The spraying will be undertaken from the back of spray trucks that will traverse the identified areas in the City with the standard Anvil 10+10 solutions. 

 “Two mosquitos have tested positive for West Nile Virus in Haverhill. Experts recommend that we spray the non-toxic solution, which is not harmful to humans, in the area where these mosquitos were identified. Public safety is my concern and I want to do everything I can to protect our citizens.” Mayor Fiorentini said:

 The Board of Health recommends taking common sense precautionary measures, such as using insect repellant, wearing long sleeves and long pants, and avoiding outdoor activities from dusk to dawn. In addition, residents are urged to check their properties for unattended containers of standing water which may attract mosquitoes. The Health Department along with the Northeast Mosquito Control Program is monitoring and testing all of Haverhill. 

Please direct all inquiries to our Health and Inspectional services department at 978 374-2325. Someone will be there until 4 PM today to answer questions. Please also follow the link below for more information: