Meet The News Bosses Same As The Old Bosses


By: Jeff Katz – November, 2012

The election where the worst president in history should have been shown the door is over and the Dear Leader has actually been re-elected. By every reasonable measure Barack Obama has been an abject failure as President of the United States. Unemployment continues to rage out of control, our grandchildren’s grandchildren are now in hock up to their eyeballs thanks to the fraudulent stimulus and a huge chunk of our private sector is about to be eliminated in favor of a government takeover of the health insurance business. So with all of this, and a laundry list of other Obama designed boondoggles, how could this architect of failure possibly be returned for another term?

Four years ago, the lightweight’s lightweight burst on to the national stage and running on a record of having no record was somehow able to snare the nomination of the Democrat Party. Obama and his cadre of pathological liars, hatchet men and ministers of hate demonstrated that no lie was too big to tell nor was any dirty trick too small to employ. The very junior senator from Illinois was comfortable employing race baiting and class warfare. Rather than throw the flag on Obama’s reprehensible tactics the guilty leftists posing as journalists embraced and empowered him. As Obama mangled the language, butchered syntax and visited fifty seven states, the faux reporters buried the stories.

For the past four years America has burned and the naked emperor has fiddled and fiddled. Economy in the tank? Must be Bush’s fault. Four dollars for a gallon of gas? Wasn’t me. Unemployment out of control? Blame the Tea Party. Questions about the real history of the Oval Office occupier? Clearly you’re a racist.

Obama was not just worthy of defeat, all of the numbers showed that he was the most beatable President in recent history. So, what happened? How was it possible that he rolled to a very impressive victory? There are a few parts to the answer.

First of all, the Republican Party once again fielded a terrible candidate. While I voted for Mitt Romney and encouraged others to do so as well, I did this only because I thought that he could staunch the bleeding. I was under no delusions about him ever being a great president but I did believe that he would be a suitable stop gap.

What was established a long time ago was that Romney’s only consistent, unwavering core belief was that he believed that he should be president. Every other belief was subject to change. Romney was consistently on both sides of each big issue. In fact, the most honest appraisal of Romney came from his own spokesman when he had his famous etch-a-sketch moment.

But something bigger than a very weak GOP candidate was at work here. A real consistent conservative might have been able to break through better than one who’s opinion was usually yes, no and maybe.

The larger picture is that the worst president in history was able to push the United States to the quintessential tipping point. Obama phones, government pay outs and union pay offs have stripped more than fifty percent of the population of their independence. Obama is the food stamp president by design.

People of character need to stand together and act in opposition to the shredding of our Constitution. That duty now seems to fall to the Republican majority in Congress. Make no mistake they will continually be painted as the party of gridlock which is exactly what’s needed right now.