“Meow” Means “Woof” in Cat. ~ George Carlin

By: Robin Desmet – Nov. 2016

aidan-2Ever hear the expression “Crazy Cat Man”? No, neither have I. It’s always “Crazy Cat Lady.” But, with animal shelters brimming with cats, it’s time for men to start realizing what women have known all along—cats make great pets!

For a man who has never owned a cat, the thought of adopting a cat may instantly bring to mind an unappealing image of “Garfield”, and having an aloof, cynical creature hanging around the house. It’s time we got rid of this stereotype and took an honest look at the benefits of cat ownership.

goldyFor starters, cats are relatively low maintenance pets. Compared to that other family favorite, the dog, cats are downright simple. They don’t need to be walked outside, which means no need to go outside on a cold, snowy day. Your dog walker is a no show? Well, you’ll need to make other arrangements for the dog, but your cat is perfectly content to spend the day in the house. You’ve lost power? Your fish tank is an instant concern. Your cat doesn’t mind the dark.

Another advantage is that cats don’t require large spaces. They are perfect pets for apartment dwellers and for condo living. Young professionals away from home for a day or two know that the cat would prefer you home snuggling with them on the couch, but will be fine without you.
One reason men may gravitate towards cat ownership is the “cool” factor. Cats are born being able to do amazing things. Many will figure out, on their own, how to open cupboards, and can scale any tall shelf with ease. My friend’s cat Fallon walks the shower curtain as if it’s a tightrope. My cat Tatiana loves to play fetch.

epsteinfinalonlineCats are smart. They know how to get what they want. I have seen a cat stare at a mole hole for hours – in the rain. (Okay, maybe not that smart). They are masters at wrapping you around their little paws with their purrs and stares, and getting you to like it.

Cats also look cool. Their markings are unique and they come in colors and sizes to match anyone’s tastes. There are long haired and short haired cats, depending on how much time you have for grooming. There are hypo-allergenic cats, if you happen to be allergic to cats. And no, I am not only talking about those hairless cats that bear little resemblance to most housecats. Google “Siberian Cat” and you will see a beautiful fluffy cat that also happens to be hypo-allergenic.

Don’t get me wrong—I love dogs. Growing up we always had a dog and I have many fond memories of our black Labrador retriever “Reba”. But there are definite advantages to cat ownership. Cats are easy to take care of, have personality, and are great company. They appeal to the young and the old. Cats give you a lot without asking for much in return. That’s why it’s so sad to see so many cats in shelters. If you know a guy that is considering adoption but can’t quite fit a dog into his lifestyle, ask him to consider this; Rob Gronkowski is a cat lover. Need I say more?