Message from Comrades Tierney and Tsongas “Welcome to the Gulag”


By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – April, 2010

Message from Massachusetts voters, “Take your Gulag and shove it.”

Yesterday I celebrated the first birthday of my third grandchild. My other two grandchildren are five and seven years old. They don’t know that their world changed today.

One hour ago our Congress, with the nearly unanimous approval of the Massachusetts delegation (9 in favor, only Lynch opposed), passed Nationalized Health Care. But that characterization vastly understates the impact of this legislation.

Not only has the government taken away our right to control our own medical care, it has destroyed, once and for all, any illusion that American citizens have the right to property or the right to contract. We are now officially wards of the state. We are serfs in America.

Our natural right to protect and improve our lives and the lives of our family members has been taken away from us.

We can no longer set the terms of our health care insurance or our medical treatments. If our government is allowed to do this, the precedent will have been set that our government can control any and every aspect of our lives.

Our chains are forged. Our leg irons are being fitted.

If we don’t act now, we will be slaves.

The government has virtually no barriers as it seeks to trample our Liberties.

The brutes are loose.

Unless we rise up, they own us. They will beat the drums; we will man the oars.

Unless this abomination is resoundingly overturned in November, our grandchildren will never know Freedom. It may be lost for many generations, if not forever.

I am distraught that the birthright of my descendants was destroyed on my watch.

Ironically, it was destroyed by the congressional delegation from the state where American Liberties were first purchased with the blood of patriots … ordinary farmers that, in retrospect, were not so ordinary.

The time for action has come.

The progressives have declared war on individual Liberty. Let the battle for freedom begin here … again.

There are three lanterns in the Old North Church … because the enemy is attacking from both the land and the sea. They come camouflaged as “Liberals,” but they are nothing of the kind. Historically, Liberals were champions of individual Freedom. Their modern namesakes hate individual Liberty, and they are well on their way to destroying it.

The call is now out to every patriot, to everyone who cherishes Freedom.

If we want to restore the American Dream, we must retire EVERY current member of the Massachusetts congressional delegation.

Locally, that means we must return Representatives Tierney and Tsongas to private life … if you can call it that after they have colluded to destroy any semblance of private action and decision making.

Do not despair. Candidates who understand Liberty and who seek to restore it are standing up to challenge the gulag.

In the Sixth Congressional District, candidate Bill Hudak of Boxford has stood up to challenge Representative John Tierney. Bill has been in the ring for nearly a year now and has consistently supported a freedom agenda. He deserves our support.

In the Fifth Congressional District, there are numerous candidates currently challenging Representative Niki Tsongas. We will be evaluating their commitments to individual Liberty over the coming months.

Readers of this column who share traditional American values and who abhor the constant intrusion of government into our lives, must commit themselves to the defeat of our anti-American politicians.

We must obligate ourselves to the election of pro individual freedom candidates … candidates who believe in property rights, the right to contract, and the right to control our own lives.

Replace the monster of “do as I say” government with the magic of a free society and free markets. Restore a social arrangement based on persuasion, not force. Embrace voluntary cooperation; reject coercion.

The time is now. Will you join the fight?

We have nothing to lose but our chains.