Methuen and Haverhill Police Work to Identify Student Who Threatened to Shoot Up School

On Thursday, Methuen Police received a tip from a concerned parent that there was a social media posting threatening to shoot up a school shooting the next day.

During the course of the Methuen police investigation, detectives determined that the posting originated from the geographical area of the Haverhill High School.

Methuen Police contacted Haverhill police, and the two agencies worked into the early morning hours on Friday, successfully identifying the person making the threat as a male, juvenile, Haverhill High School Student.

The juvenile was arrested by Haverhill and Methuen Detectives at a Haverhill home, and charged with threat of dangerous items (M.G.L. Chapter 269 section 14.)

The juvenile was booked at the Haverhill Police station and held at a secure lockup overnight, He is due to be arraigned in Lawrence Juvenile Court on today.

    “The Haverhill Police Department is very appreciative of all the hard work and assistance the Methuen Police provided Haverhill in successfully identifying the suspect in this investigation, and  assisting taking him into custody in short order so that the students and staff of the Haverhill High School were able to attend school today safely, and uninterrupted” Detective Lieutenant Robert Pistone said.


“Haverhill police would also like to give credit to the aware parent that promptly contacted the Methuen Police. While the Haverhill Police do not believe the student had the means to carry out the threat, making the statement on social media of being “fed up, school shooting tomorrow” is a very serious crime due to the nature of the threat, and the fact that it causes such wide spread disruption and anxiety in literally thousands of people’s lives  in the affected communities.”