Methuen Artist to Star at “Buzz Bash” at Gillette

May, 2018

MADDI2Methuen artist Maddi Ryan says she started her love of music as a young child when she used to stand on the coffee table and sing for her parents. “I used to give them flashlights so they could shine them on me while I was up there singing, it was so much fun. I always wanted to be a singer and now I’m doing what I love to do,” Ryan told the Valley Patriot.

At 20 years old, Ryan has already established herself on the music scene playing local venues. Her professional debut was at CMAFest 2015 in Nashville, TN, alongside Colin Axxxwell and Moonlight Valley, with special guest, Jayson Chance of Colt Ford.

Next month, Ryan will be one of the featured performers at the One Mission Buzz Off for Kids with Cancer Post Buzz Bash, hosted by Rob Gronkowski at Gillette Stadium [June 3rd at 10AM].

“I always love to do charity events whenever I can. It feels good to give back and be a part of something that really helps people. I do a lot of volunteer work, so when something like this comes up, I never say no. It’s a way to mesh my love of singing and community service.”

Ryan’s PROMOTER and licensed booking agent, Cynthia Conigliaro of CC Talent PR in Boston says she called Maddi and asked her if she was interested in playing the Buzz Off Bash, “she said yes before I even finished asking her the question,” Conigliaro told the Valley Patriot.

“She is very eager to sing anywhere, but she really likes to do charity events.”
Conigliaro is one of the organizers of the Buzz Off Bash and said she knows this is exactly the kind of event Maddi loves to do.”

“Since I found out I was going to be playing at the Buzz Off, I decided to donate all the tips I received at my gigs to the One Mission Foundation.”

Ryan says that she has raised over $700 so far, in the last month and a half.
The One Mission Foundation sponsors the Buzz Off Bash to show kids with cancer that they are not alone and raise money TO SUPPORT CHILDREN WITH CANCER. According to their website, One Mission has shaved 5,464 heads, raised more than $6.7 Million and assisted over 8,000 patients with cancer and their families.

“The Buzz Off is a really great event that raises awareness and support for the One Mission Foundation. The public is invited and I hope people from the area come to support kids who are going through a lot and help us make a difference,” Ryan said.


Maddi Ryan isn’t just an entertainer who plays country/pop locally, she is involved in much more. Ryan is a student at Boston University, majoring in Communications and minoring in Psychology. At BU, she is a part of BUTV10, where she appears as an anchor and host of two shows while also working as a writer and field reporter on another. She co-hosts a radio show on WTBU, the BU radio station, and is a member of the Eta Chi chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta at BU. Ryan is also in the process of creating a record label on campus.

What I’m really excited about is starting a record label at BU,” said Ryan, “it’s a group of students who really love the music industry and want hands-on experience, which is why I wanted to start it. We scout artists in the Boston area and hold weekly pitch calls with record label representatives. I’m excited for the future.” In addition, Ryan also models for David Nicholas International, Inc., of Andover, MA, and is a certified Hospice volunteer.

Cynthia Conigliaro says she is excited to be working with Maddi despite her age. “I work with all different types of artists all over the country, mostly New England, and I have to say Maddi is really a unique artist. She has a great stage presence; she understands her audience and knows how to give them what they are looking for. She’s so young, one of the youngest I’ve ever worked with, but when you see her and it seems like she’s been preforming for years and years. She has a maturity level that’s really fabulous as a singer/songwriter. She can perform in all kinds of settings. It’s clear from watching her that she loves what she does. She is a born performer.”