Methuen City-wide Spraying for Mosquitoes – Wednesday, July 27

The City of Methuen announces that it will be conducting a citywide spraying for mosquitoes on Wednesday July 27 beginning at 9:00pm in effort to reduce the number of mosquitoes in the area.

Recent weather conditions have been ideal for mosquito growth. The spraying will commence on the borders of Methuen and will work its way into the center of the City.

As a precautionary measure, residents and their pets should remain inside during the controlled operation. Close your windows if you are close to the road and shut off ground or street level air conditioners. In the event of excessive wind or inclement weather, spraying will not be conducted.

The application will be made using truck-mounted ultra-low volume equipment dispensing a very fine mist of the pesticides Duet or Zenivex. Duet is a d-phenothrin/prallethrin and piperonyl butoxide based pesticide product that is used to control mosquitoes in outdoor residential and recreational areas. Zenivex contains a pesticide called Etofenprox, a member of the category of pesticides called non-ester pyrethroids and is considered a reduced risk pesticide by USEPA.

For more information please see the City’s website  or call the Health Department at 978-983-8655.