Methuen High School’s Calysa Alba to Receive Studio 21/Valley Patriot Scholarship at Annual BASH


Every year The Valley Patriot newspaper hold an annual Charity BASH where we raise money for local students going to college. This year is our 20th Anniversary and we are raising funds for eight high school students in the Merrimack Valley going to college in the fall.

The BASH is being held this year on March 22nd at the Firefighters Relief In, 1 Market St in Lawrence you can get tickets HERE

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From Calysa’s Guidance Councilor

Whether we’re apt to admit it or not, many of us are driven to do things for our own personal gain. We work hard at school and work because strong grades and positive employee evaluations bolster our egos. We donate a dollar in the collection jar at the grocery store because it makes us feel good when we give back to those less fortunate than us.

But, there are rare individuals who operate on a different wavelength – one of genuine goodness, selflessness, and a desire to change the world for reasons that have no root in personal gain.

Calysa Alba is one of those people.

It would be challenging to list the number of activities and accomplishments that Calysa has been involved in and achieved to date.

Calysa is a member of the National Honor Society, was the president of the junior class last year, served in the Mock Trial club for two years, and ran on the outdoor track team for one year. Calysa is currently the stage manager and president of our theater club, Stage Door 22, where she previously served as front office manager and actor.

Passionate about visual arts, Calysa has spent the last two years as a photography apprentice (lead photography apprentice in 23-24) at Elevated Thought, a local social justice 501(c)(3) organization that provides space for BIPOC youth to create art and change in the community. Calysa wanted to work but rather than apply to a local coffee shop or grocery store like many of her peers, she sought out an opportunity to both get paid for doing what she loves, and also fine tune her medium to inspire change in our local community.

That’s who Calysa is: a changemaker. She represents Methuen High School in two state-wide organizations – State Student Advisory Council & Northeast Regional Student Advisory Council – where she advocates for improvements in the American education system.

She’s also a member of the Methuen Youth Action Committee, a small group of student leaders that partners with Methuen City Council to effect change in the community. She recently advocated to our school district administration for a revision in the student handbook to specifically outline a no tolerance policy for hate speech in school.

Everything that Calysa does is aligned with who she is: a steadfast advocate whose desire to make a difference is truly for the betterment of the world around her. Calysa’s extracurricular activities take up much of her free time, and yet she still manages to earn high grades with her impressive course load.

She has consistently earned A’s and B’s in her Honors and Advanced Placement courses throughout high school. Recently, Calysa earned the Student Outstanding Achievement Recognition award in History and Social Sciences, an award that is given to one student in the senior class in each academic discipline.

Calysa hopes to pursue a career in the journalism field, more specifically in film and photo. To that end, she has taken several art courses in both visual and performing arts throughout high school, and is currently in an intensive, year-long film seminar.

Last year, following a series of student crises, Calysa stepped up in a leadership role to create a student-led video talking about the various mental health services that our school offers. This video was subsequently presented to all 2,000 students at the school.

Calysa’s intelligence, creativity, and drive to make a difference are all what sets her apart from her peers, and what will be the driving force of her success in college and beyond. She is mature beyond her years, well spoken and eager to learn!

Honest, trustworthy, and reliable, she is driven to be a change maker and is interested in journalism, film, photography, and many other forms of media production.

Calysa’s strongest traits start with her drive to learn and understand and continue through her advocacy for equity and unrelenting persistence to be the voice for those that cannot speak up. She does this while being respectful of others, regardless of their views or beliefs.

Calysa is a young woman of character and integrity who remains true to herself at all times and will not compromise herself for others.

This is why she is Methuen High School’s nominee for the Studio 21 Podcast scholarship!


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