Methuen Police Chief Featured in Time Magazine Multimedia Feature

Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon, top left, just outside the red frame, was featured in a Time Magazine project entitled “Guns In America.” (Courtesy Photo)

METHUEN — Chief Joseph Solomon was recently included as one of more than 200 people from across the country featured in a “Time” Magazine story exploring guns in America.

In the multimedia feature, Chief Solomon advocates for responsible gun ownership, but emphasizes that much of what he’s encountered in his 32 years in law enforcement has represented irresponsible behavior.

To explore the story, click here. To hear Chief Solomon’s portion, click here.

“It just breaks your heart when you start to see the use of the guns in ways they weren’t intended, for just strictly violence rather than hunting or self defense,” Chief Solomon said.

In the piece, Chief Solomon added that he doesn’t believe there’s any reason why licensed, trained, law-abiding citizens shouldn’t be allowed to exercise their right to gun ownership.

He also expressed concern about the idea of arming teachers to protect students in schools, adding that so-called “guardians” could find themselves in danger if officers responding to an active shooter call encounter an armed civilian.

“The debate needs to continue and it really needs to be heartfelt,” Chief Solomon said of the nation’s conversation on guns, noting that the conversation has been taken to extremes that are unsustainable.

“I really think everything needs to come back to the basics. We’ve got to get back into the middle.”

Chief Solomon was featured alongside elected officials from all levels from around the country, as well as gun rights advocates, religious leaders, anti-gun activists and others.

“I’m proud of Chief Solomon for his measured input on this critical issue, and for representing the City of Methuen well,” Mayor Jajuga said.

“This is a complex topic that requires thoughtful consideration and discussion in order to ensure that people’s safety and rights are both protected.”