Michelle Wu-Klux Klan is the New Democrat Party ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (1-24)

January, 2024

It used to be that if an elected official said or did something blatantly racist – regardless of party affiliation – the leaders of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts would denounce them so viciously and so relentlessly that the offender would resign in disgrace and be completely unemployable.

Now, they elect them to public office.

Today the leaders of the Democrat Party (and their supporters) have become the monsters that their father’s Democratic Party had set out to destroy.

And the Democrat Party-controlled news media are cheering them on.

No more is racism and discrimination universally denounced by Democrats, today they engage in vile and despicable bigotry out in the open, proudly boasting about how they want to deny government services and rights to people based on their ethnicity and skin color.

Martin Luther King must be rolling over in his grave.

Sadly, we could cite hundreds of examples among elected democrats in today’s news, but one of the more hateful civil rights violators is Boston Mayor Michelle Wu-Klux Klan.

While Wu is well known for her racist attitudes, she was exposed again last month for holding a Christmas party that excluded people based on their ethnic heritage.

For sure, democrat voters would not tolerate it if Donald Trump held a White-Only Christmas party, so why are they cheering when Michelle Wu-Klux Klan does the exact same thing?

And make no mistake about it, there is no difference between a Whites-Only party and a Whites-excluded party, no matter how much these Democrat bigots whine about “historical oppression” and “systemic racism.”

The fact is, these Democrats are violating dozens of federal civil rights laws. Laws that were passed to protect all races from bigotry and race-based standards. Yet, the FBI and federal law enforcement willingly ignore racism when white people are the victims, and only seem to prosecute cases when white people are the alleged perpetrators.

That’s the definition of systemic racism. And it’s all being done by Democrats, all the while they distract us with fake narratives of white supremacy, Nazi-conservatives, white privilege, and perceived historical wrongs.

We urge our local representatives and senators – all of whom are Democrats – to speak up against the vile racism being perpetrated in their name and within their own political party.

We implore Senator Pavel Payano, and Reps. Reyes, Garry, Paulino, Hamilton, Vargas, and Moran to speak out forcefully and often against those in their party who engage in hatred and bigotry, the very same way brave, White Democrats spoke up against their own party in the 1960s when those being targeted were Blacks and Latinos.

Otherwise, their silence amounts to tacit consent, making them no better than Michelle Wu-Klux Klan.

We have faith that they will be the leaders of their party by actually leading!

It’s an election year and we will be watching! ◊