“Migrants” on the Move ~ JEFF KATZ

By: Jeff Katz – Feb. 2016

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen reports of millions of so called migrants traveling through Europe. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed hundreds of thousands of these “refugees” and proclaimed that her nation would do everything necessary to help them assimilate. The problem now on clear display is that these folks, the bulk of who are young able bodied men not women or small children, are apparently not all that interested in following the law let alone beginning the process of assimilating to a new culture.

On New Year’s Eve, German police reported that roving bands of young men were launching sexual assaults and attacks on German girls and young women. Attacks took place in 12 of Germany’s 16 states, with more than 800 such sexual assaults taking place in Cologne alone. Interestingly, Cologne has been the epicenter of the migrant wave. The young men who launched these attacks had been welcomed to escape alleged oppression as part of Merkel’s open door policy. Instead of fleeing oppression, Merkel’s migrants begin to assault, rape, beat and oppress the very people who had opened their homeland to them. The police indicated that they were completely unprepared for these vicious attacks but instead of bolstering law enforcement’s ranks, Merkel suggested that Germans just needed to be more tolerant of their new guests and suggested that Germans should be “culturally sensitive” when dealing with them. In fact Merkel warned her fellow Germans that, “We must accept migrants are more criminal.”

It wasn’t just Germany that saw these obviously well orchestrated sexually predatory acts either. Austria, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland also reported that young asylum seeking men were hunting young girls and women and subjecting them to brutal sexual assaults. The phrase “cultural differences” was again offered by way of explaining these crimes. Cultural differences? One European mayor even suggested that women simply “keep men at arm’s length” to prevent such cultural misunderstandings!

Some of these young men are currently on a timeout and not allowed to use local swimming pools. Why? Well, the culturally unaware migrant men were reported to have masturbated in a public swimming pool’s Jacuzzi before defecating in the kiddie pool. Afterwards, they apparently invaded the girls’ changing rooms. The behavior of the asylum seekers was so bad that a poster advising them not to touch the rear ends of young girls was posted. In case they missed that, leaflets with the same message were provided to the buildings where they are living free of charge. Hopefully, they will read them while they are on their double secret probation.

While all of this is happening, the President of Iran is visiting Italy. Iran’s current government routinely sentences women accused of adultery to be stoned to death and orders that gay men be thrown from the tops of skyscrapers. No mention was made of this unique system of jurisprudence but the Italian government did erect walls around beautiful historic statues at the Capitoline Museum so that the Iranian leader would not have to see them. It would be offensive to him to see such great artwork because those statues, including a centuries old depiction of Venus, are nudes. Cultural differences, don’t you know?