Military Connection, Inc.


By: Anne Knowles – November, 2012

The Military Connection, Inc., is an organization with a mission to reach out to anyone who has served or is currently serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Staff Stg. Eugene “Gene” Smith (Ret,) who left the army in 1995 with an honorable discharge has been active helping people and sees the need to give one on one help for those who have “fallen through the cracks”. He is the founder of this newly formed group of helping hands.

In a recent conversation with Gene, he explained that although there are programs available for both in service personnel and for Veterans of any branch of service, there is a need for those who need help but are reluctant to ask for help.

His recent organization has been formed to find and help these individuals, who feel lost and forgotten. Gene, a very approachable and kind man has met these men and women through referrals, outreach, meetings and speaking to small groups.

He said that sitting down one on one with someone allows them to open up and “ cut through red tape”. Meeting with them and seeking help for their particular need plus following through for weeks, months or years, allow the service men or women, especially those who have little or no support from family members to have someone to “talk to about their issues. Gene has said he understands how someone can be alone, without hope and subject to being preyed upon, by various people.

Among the services that the Military Connection, Inc. offers are support, health, education, advocacy, empowerment, referrals and a new lease of their life.

If you know of a serviceman or woman who could benefit from this organization, you may contact Stg. Eugene Smith, (Ret) at 978 273-9255.

Donations may be sent to The Military Connection, Inc. c/o Bank of America, 23 Main Street,Andover,Ma. 01810.