Mirra, Mirra, on the Hill (Beacon Hill that is…)

By: Lonnie Brennan – September, 2012
Local businessman Lenny Mirra rocked the newly organized 2nd Essex district topping the ticket in his attempt to bring balance to a lopsided, out-of-control state legislature. Newbury, West Newbury, Haverhill, Georgetown, Boxford, Groveland, and Merrimac are now perched to be ‘the’ battleground district in the northeast for an open-state representative seat. 
You see, Mr. Mirra has stiff competition in the final. He will face-off against a very aggressive, in-your-face, know-it-all and everything, social liberal extremist non-stop-talking (but certainly does do his homework) Democrat lawyer in November named Vogel. Yup, just what we need, another extremist, elitist, liberal Democrat lawyer on Beacon Hill: NOT!

But going back to the primary race for a moment, the race was refreshingly clean, thoughtful, and well-fought. Boxford resident Robert Cronin established a high-visibility office at the corners of Central and Main streets in Georgetown, and aggressively worked the district, but in the end, fell short in a valiant race. The race also saw beloved Georgetown Selectman Gary Fowler handily take the win in Georgetown, and bring sincerity, stability, wit and wisdom to the race, but remain a distance third.

The big prize in this primary race went to the voters who had a chance to meet and discuss current issues with local candidates, and most importantly, see, hear, and interact with a businessman, not a lawyer. A worker, not an extremist.

“We were thrilled to have such a lively, interactive Republican primary” state committeewoman Kim Incampo said. “These were great candidates who worked incredibly hard in the district to get their message out and energize the voters,” she explained.“We are very excited to put our energy behind Lenny and help his finish the race to Victory in November.”

And that’s what the race will be about in November: do we keep electing extremists and lawyers, do we keep our communities struggling to provide for our students, our seniors, and struggling families, or do we begin to bring balance to Beacon Hill, and elect someone with business sense. Someone who’s down to earth and not wrapped in an extremist bubble?

“Lenny Mirra is the best candidate at the right time for the district,” West Newbury selectman Glenn Kemper related as he detailed the need to have balance and vote-in a person with business experience to represent the district: “His hard work and experience is what the district needs. We need someone fighting for the district and as a Selectman that’s what I look for”, Selectman Kemper concluded.

Clearly, the choice will be simple in this race, as in most races this Nov.: are we happy with the status quo, or do we want to balance to Beacon Hill and make our communities, our schools, our seniors, all residents of our district, a priority over ultra-liberal, extremist, endless babbling career politician lawyers?

Do the right thing, get a lawn sign now. Put it up. Donate $20 (we can all do that), and ask your neighbors to do the same. Remember, you’ll be fighting against big unions from around the state and the country who are already lining up to contribute to he extremist lawyer’s further left than imaginable sweet-talking agenda.And, most importantly, in November, Vote Mirra.