Morabito: Voter Fraud in Lawrence, We Are All “Disenfranchised” Now!


By: Christine Morabito, Greater Boston Tea Party – July, 2012

Disenfranchised-Voter FraudIt’s a simple question: Do we care enough about fair elections to demand them? Or, do we remain silent and allow unscrupulous opportunists to corrupt our election system, cheating you and me out of a vote. (And yes, I’m a little cranky when it comes to this subject).

Let the “voter fraud deniers” squawk all they want about imaginary voter suppression should Show ID to Vote become the law of the land.

The mere mention of voter ID brings on a Pavlovian response, replete with drool, from progressives who uncontrollably blurt out talking points such as “Jim Crow laws” “impeding the right to vote” and “suppressing voter turnout.” The intelligent among us know better. Those protesting the loudest benefit the most from our state’s permissive voting laws.

The status quo is fiercely protected by far left organizations that have made a science out of harvesting votes, even if it means committing fraud.

  1. Voters registered at non-existent addresses;
  2. Voters registered at multiple addresses;
  3. Voters registered at commercial properties or vacant lots;
  4. Absentee voters registered at 2 different nightclubs;
  5. Multiple people registered at the address of an elderly woman; and
  6. Voters registered at gun stores, liquor stores and barber shops.

Far from being honest mistakes, this vote harvesting is well organized and runs like a machine. There is a video on from January 2010 (Scott Brown’s special election) of Lawrence activist, and Lantigua supporter, Isabel Melendez handing out absentee ballots and describing how she pre-marked the ballots for “Martha.” It is unknown how she was able to obtain a stack of absentee ballots and no charges were ever filed.

Available records tell the story of liberal activist, Rachel Winch who allegedly requested an absentee ballot claiming residence at the former rectory of the closed Saint Francis of Assisi Church, a building which has been unoccupied since at least 2007. Not only was the claimed residence unoccupied, but Winch had been living and working in Washington, D.C. since at least 2007. You may find it interesting that her D.C. employer at the time of the election was Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern. I certainly did.

Records also indicate that two other voters, Colin Burke and Sam Smith were registered at the very same unoccupied building at 94 Bradford Street.

As talk radio host Jay Severin said recently, although many of our voting laws were written back in the day when we relied on the honor system, we no longer deserve that honor system.

This year, 32 states introduced legislation to either propose Show ID or to strengthen existing voter ID laws. Although in Massachusetts we failed to get Show ID to Vote on the ballot, those of us who care deeply about the voting process refuse to give up.

In an attempt to clean-up our state’s voter rolls, the Tea Party is partnering with True The Vote, a non-partisan organization based in Texas, working to restore integrity to the American system of electing its leaders. They have developed an excellent template for identifying irregularities and challenging voter rolls all over the country.

In Texas, based on the fraud TTV has been able to uncover, they proposed 22 changes to their election laws, 18 of which were submitted as bills and 6 of which were passed into law.

TTV will provide training and materials, and will serve as a constant resource, focusing on voter registration, review of voter registration, oversight at the polls and legislative advocacy.

We need lots of volunteers! Visit this site to join our MA team:

At the very least please consider being a poll worker (for which you get paid) or assisting a campaign as a poll observer. We plan to have a heavy presence in many large cities, Lawrence in particular.

By way of history, it is well known in Lawrence that Lantigua, long before he became mayor, spent years putting a network of friends and supporters in positions at polling places. Many a shenanigan has been observed on Election Day, from the way absentee ballots are counted to the way inactive voters are processed.

Unfortunately, we currently have a secretary of state and attorney general who shamefully look the other way when blatant voter fraud is brought to their attention. Nevertheless, if you see something, say something. Say it with letters to the editor, blog about it, tweet about it, share it on Facebook, take pictures and video with your cell phone and call your city clerk’s office. Tell them you will not be disenfranchised.


Christine Morabito is a resident of Haverhill and a President of the Greater Boston Tea Party. You can email her at

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